The Best Mice To Use In An FPS Game

Just like many other people will say, when it comes to a gaming mouse it is all down to personal preference and what feels most comfortable to you when gaming. I read this comment all the time when I was looking for a new gaming mouse to buy and sometimes all I wanted was a little bit of personal bias, a no nonsense approach to the mouse.

So, here is a no nonsense approach to what are the best mice to use for an FPS game.

No matter your choice of game, whether it be the legendary CS:GO, Overwatch, Call Of Duty or Battlefield, first person shooter games are usually extremely fast paced and you are always dumped right in the middle of the action.

Because you are always in the center of the action you need a mouse that is ultra responsive, light, ergonomic and durable. Combining a good FPS mouse with an incredible gaming keyboard and a sublime gaming monitor will give you the best competitive edge over your opponents.

There are four main points to keep in mind when buying an FPS gaming mouse:

  1. Weight
  2. Ergonomics
  3. Sensor
  4. Switches

Because of the fast paced action of FPS games having a lighter mouse is  easier to aim with, this is a personal opinion heavier mice might work for other people but from my experience using a lighter mouse can help improve your aim.

When it comes to the overall balance of the mouse you want to try and find a mouse that has a great center of balance, something that does not favor one side or the other.

The sensor is probably the most important factor, it could mean the difference between a good mouse and an amazing mouse. Having the best optical sensor in a gaming mouse could mean the difference between winning and losing an engagement.

Finally the switches on the mouse. When mentioning the switches of the mouse I am referring to Mouse Button 1 and 2. Thankfully most gaming mice these days are using Omron switches which is proven to be one of the best switches on a gaming mouse. If you see a mouse that you like and it is using the Omron switches you can rest easy knowing that it has the best switches.

Now that we have the basics of what you want out of your FPS gaming mouse let’s take a deeper look into the top 3 FPS gaming mice that I would highly recommend taking a look at:

1. BenQ Zowie EC1-A/ EC2-A

If you are a fan of professional FPS players, the chances are that you have seen this mouse used by a number of different players around the scene. The only difference between the EC1-A and the EC2-A is the size. The EC1-A is 3mm taller, 3mm wider in the front and 5mm wider at the back and lastly slightly heavier, 4g heavier to be exact. It caters for people that have either smaller or larger hands have the confidence knowing that the EC series has your back.

Some of the features of the EC series are:

  • Plug and play - There is no additional software that comes with the mouse making it great to play at LAN events, you plug in the mouse and enjoy the outstanding performance without having to set your mouse profiles or worry about the correct CPI that your mouse is set at. One button located on the underside of the mouse controls the DPI shift. The scroll wheel will light up a different colour when you shift through the CPI/DPI, red is 400 DPI, pink is 800, blue is 1600 and then finally green is 3200 DPI.
  • No gimmicks - When you first take a look at the Zowie gaming mice range it may seem a little underwhelming at first without any of the RGB lights and flares that other mice seem to have, but that's what makes the Zowie range so fantastic. It focuses more on the raw performance, rather than additional flare. Performance is more important than RGB lighting and other gimmicks in an FPS game and the EC series reflects that perfectly.
  • The sensor - Both the EC1-A and the EC2-A have got the incredible Pixart 3310 optical sensor offering pixel perfect aim and excellent tracking in game. With the adjustable DPI button you can find your perfect sensitivity. Higher DPI is not necessarily better when it comes to FPS gaming and the Zowie mice understand that, but still giving you a max of 3200 DPI which is more than enough when it comes to first-person shooter games.
  • Ergonomics and overall design - The design quality of the EC series is fantastic, a light mouse with excellent durability. Its focused more to the right handed user but is comfortable with both the palm and claw grip. The EC2-A would be better for users that have a fingertip grip. With the superb build quality on the Zowie mice you will never have to worry about the mice breaking after only a couple months use.

So would I recommend these mice to anyone searching for a new FPS gaming beast? Absolutely! I own both the EC1-A and the EC2-A and although I prefer the EC1-A because of its larger design, it fits my hands better. But if you’re looking for a lift in game, the Zowie EC series is definitely a formidable choice!

  1. Logitech G403/703

Any top 5 list that features a gaming mouse has to have a Logitech product, they have exceptional build quality and performance and have solidified themselves as one of the giants in the gaming industry. I have chosen the G403 and the G703 as they feature the exact same qualities in regards to performance and design, the only differences being that the G703 is a wireless mouse with the Powerplay wireless charging feature.

Most people tend to stay away from wireless products when it comes to competitive game-play, this fact is especially true when it comes to first-person shooter games where every millisecond counts. I felt the same way that so many other people felt about wireless gaming products, but, Logitech has done something incredible with the Logitech G703 gaming mouse. The technology that Logitech has incorporated into their wireless products shows that it can keep up with the best wired mice in any given scenario. The performance of a wired mouse without the additional wiring, the best just got better.

Some of the outstanding features of the G403/703 are:

  • The sensor - Both the mice use the exceptional PMW3366 sensor which has to be one of the best sensors on the market at the moment. Track your targets with ease and make those crazy flickshots that you see in highlight reels. The PMW3366 optical sensor bleeds pure performance for those who want to elevate their game to greater heights.
  • Logitech gaming software - Customize the RGB lighting with the very user friendly software from Logitech and create macros or reassign button configurations easily. Set profiles and change your DPI from in the software to ensure you have your weapon sharpened exactly the way you want it.
  • Build quality and ergonomics - As with most Logitech products the build quality on the G403 and G703 is impeccable. Flawless lines and curves that accommodate your hand size and preferred grip style comfortably, the mice are designed for right handed use only. These lightweights pack a very heavy performance punch that is quickly noticeable when jumping into your favorite FPS game.
  • Switches - Mouse button 1 and 2 are separated from the rest of the shell giving you the best feedback, with crisp clean clicks. The buttons on the Logitech G403 and 703 are some of the best mouse 1 and 2 buttons I have ever personally used. Light but concise I never came across any accidental clicks throughout the months i used the mice.

If you are wanting to upgrade your mouse or are buying a gaming mouse for the first time then take a moment to consider the G403/703. It is definitely a mouse that will stay in my top 3 of all time favorite mice that I have purchased.

  1. Razer DeathAdder Elite

If you have been around the gaming scene for sometime then you have definitely heard of the Razer DethAdder gaming mouse. It is a legend in its own right. It has the bragging right of being one of the most popular gaming mice of all-time in the world.

Here are the best features of the Razer DeathAdder Elite:

  • Sensor - The Razer DeathAdder Elite sports the new 5G sensor from Razer and its without a doubt one of the best performing sensors to date. Combining speed, precision and accuracy in game without breaking a sweat. You can hold an angle with confidence and track your opponents with ease with this outstanding sensor. Flick-shots will become the norm in your everyday gaming experience as you out gun and out perform your enemy!
  • Ergonomics and design - The overall shape of the Elite is a safe ambidextrous shape that will suit both palm and claw grip styles, the hump of the mouse is towards the back and offers exceptional support for your palm. You won't have to worry about reshuffling your fingers constantly, trying to get the most comfortable grip on the mouse. The overall build quality of the mouse is just like the previous generations of the DeathAdder, brilliant. No loose parts and no scroll wheel wobble, it is a solid build quality without sacrificing any of its dashing good looks.
  • Customization - Razer is well known for their chroma customization and it is no different with the DeathAdder Elite. You are able to customize all the lighting areas on the mouse in the Razer Synapse Software and create macros as well as increase or decrease your DPI/CPI. Unlike the DeathAdders older generations, the Elite has a built in DPI/CPI switch just behind the scroll wheel allowing for on the fly DPI adjustments.
  • Switches - The Elite comes out with Razers new mechanical mouse switches. They worked closely with Omron to create the fastest response times when gaming without sacrificing the longevity of the switches. Get the unfair advantage over your opponents with the incredible Razer mechanical gaming switches.

I would strongly recommend getting your hands on this gaming mouse if you are looking for a competitive edge. It is a larger mouse so if you have hands that are medium to large then this mouse will be perfect for you, no matter your grip style.

Although the mice I have listed are for FPS games, they are certainly not limited to only FPS gaming. They will function equally as well with other gaming genres. If you are more focused on FPS games and occasionally play other games too, these mice can certainly fulfill your needs!

Here are some honorable mentions:

What gaming mouse would you choose from the list above? If you have one of the mice mentioned what are your favorite things about the mouse? Let us know in the comment section below, we always love hearing from you!

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