The Mothership Approaches

The Mothership


When we hear an epic name such as the “Mothership” it makes us think back to the good ol’ Red Alert 2 days with a giant soviet Zeppelin approaching along with a battalion of angry comrades and of course heavy rock music. The ROG Mothership is just as epic though, and we’ll tell you why.

Recently ASUS has been innovating in the laptop market, we’ve seen this recently with the reveal of the new ASUS Zenbook pro which features having a full colour touchscreen on the laptop’s trackpad - Pretty awesome, So we are keen to see that ASUS hasn’t just stopped at their professional line of laptops.


It’s called the Mothership for a reason

The ASUS ROG Mothership is without a doubt here for the high end gamers, sporting RTX graphics, a Core i9 and a 144hz monitor - It definitely ticks all the boxes a hardcore gamer is looking for.

ASUS Mothership cooling


But what makes the Mothership Different?

Weighing in at about 4.7KG’s,  It is about the weight of an actual mothership, but surely there must be a reason for this -

The Mothership can be used as a conventional laptop, where you flip open the screen and use the keyboard and display. However with the mothership, ASUS has given users the option to disconnect the Keyboard physically from the other half of the laptop - Being the top heavy screen where the epic hardware is stored, this is supported by a pop out kickstand. As the Keyboard is detached it reveals the front grill design which is actually home to the forefront facing high definition speakers.

ASUS Mothership detachable keyboard


Well that’s wonderful ASUS… But Why?

Our initial thoughts were probably the same as yours “Epic!... but why?” But after giving the ROG Mothership a better look over, it makes a lot more sense. The highest end laptops have always been characterized by large and weighty design in order to fit in all of those beautiful 1080Ti’s and 2080’s. So why not separate the weighty part when you are settling down to game and give room to customize your temporary gaming setup more than ever before with having the freedom of a detachable keyboard from the monitor and hardware. I love the thought of going to a friend’s house who doesn’t have desk space for you - so you can land your mothership on his coffee table and game from the couch with a system that will be as powerful as a high end gaming desktop setup. All while not having to get 3rd degree burns from an overheating gaming laptop on your lap.

ASUS Mothership keyboard image


When will she land?

The countdown for the mothership


Currently no ETA has been confirmed at Evetech, but as always - We love to bring you new and interesting toys, as soon as the goliath which is the ASUS ROG mothership lands, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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