Top 5 Reasons Why An Optical Sensor Is Better Than A Laser Sensor

Optical Sensor vs Laser Sensor

When looking to get a new gaming mouse, its important to understand the difference between a mouse that uses an optical sensor compared to a mouse that uses a laser sensor, by understanding the difference between the two you can then make an informed decision as to which one will suit your gaming needs more.

A gaming mouse that uses a laser sensor allows you to use the mouse on any surface, even glass, and more often than not has a higher DPI rate than that of an optical mouse. But, because the laser penetrates through surfaces it could often lead to inconsistent and jittery movement in game when performing a slower more accurate movement. Making optical mice better for competitive games whether it is an FPS game or an MMO.

Here are the top 5 reasons why an optical mouse is better than a laser mouse:

  1. Sensitivity - Mouse sensitivity is measured in dots per inch (DPI) and in later years laser mice offered a much higher DPI rate than optical mice. But with modern day technology the gap between optical sensors and laser sensors has decreased significantly. With that being said, most competitive gamers use a lower DPI on their mouse because that translates to better accuracy making the extremely high DPI on the laser mice redundant.
  2. Accuracy - when it comes to tracking and accuracy the LED light from the optical mouse completely surpasses that of the laser mouse. As long as you have a non reflective surface like a good quality mouse pad the tracking from the optical sensor is fantastic. In competitive gaming you want to be able to track movement and flick your mouse with certainty, optical mouse can achieve these refined accurate movements with no extra acceleration, allowing you to flick and adjust to your target consistently. Laser mice on the other hand perform slightly inaccurately when it comes to slower more defined mouse tracking, causing jitter and inconsistency when fast swipe like movement need to made across your mouse pad.

  3. Cost - for a high quality optical mouse with no other marketing gimmicks or fancy RGB lighting, it will cost you a little less than that of a laser mouse. Because the components are lighter and uses an LED light as its sensor there is no need to try and keep it as clean as possible for the best performance, no need for extra cleaning equipment as a result.

  4. Consistency - If you’re looking to game competitively or you looking for more of a casual gameplay experience you want to make sure that you have the most consistency out of your mouse. No random movements or jitters that throw off your aim, or swiping your mouse to the right and you miss your intended target because of the inconsistency with the laser sensor. Having the consistency of the optical sensors in gaming mice will ensure one less factor to allow you to focus more on the gameplay.

  5. Reliably Durable - Because an optical gaming mouse sensor doesn’t have any moving parts, it doesn’t need to be cleaned or maintained in any way which in turn means that it is less likely for a mechanical part to fail on you while you’re playing.

It is evident that an optical mouse might be the better choice when it comes to gaming. Offering better tracking ability, accuracy and at a much better cost. Reliability and consistency is key to success in competitive gaming titles and you want every edge of the competition.

What kind of sensor does your gaming mouse have? Have you experienced any inconsistencies with your sensor? Drop a comment below and tell us all about it! If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to leave us a message!

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