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Alienware has been the pinnacle of high-end gaming and workhorse machines for many, many years now. They have been at the top of the leaderboard in terms of unbelievable hardware packed into a portable and compact chassis, coupled with their beautiful futuristic design is what makes the Alienware laptops a perfect synchronization of beauty and performance. The Area-51M gaming laptop is no exception to that rule, in fact, it takes beauty and performance to a whole new world. Sleek, elegant styling with unrivaled specs makes this extraterrestrial the king of gaming laptops.

Alienware aesthetics

When it comes to the visual aspect of Alienware, there is a certain reputation that comes with the laptops. They are some of the most incredible laptops visually and the Area-51M redefines this reputable beauty. With graceful curves and refined edges, it retains its Alienware futuristic finesse but adds in a different element of refined professionalism. No matter where you take out your Area-51M gaming laptop people will stop and stare. 

Alienware Internals

With the Alienware Area-51M gaming laptop, you can rest assured that you are getting the best hardware in a gaming laptop guaranteed! Alienware is well known for selling their laptops with only the best hardware to ensure that their consumer is getting every single penny’s worth. If you want a desktop replacement then the Area-51M is the perfect gaming laptop for you. Programming, rendering, editing and game development is a cool breeze for your Alienware gaming laptop. No matter what you throw at this machine you are guaranteed results. Versatile, portable with desktop grade performance. Not only does this laptop replace their desktop counterparts but they absolutely destroy them.

The thermal technology offered by Alienware, the Advanced Cryo-Tech v2.0 optimizes component cooling which would ultimately increase the longevity and overall performance of all your hardware. With all that premium hardware packed into your Area-51M desktop replacement, you are going to need a premium cooling system in order to keep that beast performing for as long as you need it to. With an excellent dual intake and a dual exhaust airflow design, the high voltage driving fans, load balancing heat pipes, copper fin stacks and thermal control all working in unison to ensure that you get the best gaming and working performance you could ever expect!

Alienware Hardware

There has been an outcry by gamers to increase the upgradability in gaming laptops, Alienware has heard your cries for upgradability and has ensured that with the Area-51M gaming laptop you will be able to upgrade a whole lot more. From the CPU all the way to the GPU you can upgrade at will. You can now finally harness a true desktop grade gaming laptop. There are no limitations when it comes to the brand new Area-51M gaming laptop and you deserve power and customization without limits.

Take your gaming on the go and use the exceptional hardware at your disposal to conquer even the most demanding work tasks or defeat the toughest opponents with ease. Don’t compromise performance for portability when you can get the best of both worlds right on your lap. So what are you waiting for? Browse through the awesome selection of Alienware Area-51M gaming laptops and find the one that suits you perfectly, remember, you can always upgrade if you want to! So get in touch with us right here at Evetech and get the best deal possible on the brand new Area-51M gaming laptop! You deserve maximum performance, experience the game at an Alien level! 

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