Why AMD is better than Intel

AMD vs Intel

This is an argument that has gone on for as long as some people can remember. The fierce battle for the top spot, the Red vs. Blue team. Although there are many reasons why the one outweighs the other in certain aspects, some of the reasons carry more weight than others and some people might tend to overlook that. If you are just a casual gamer that needs their CPU to do both challenges, some light gaming and occasionally some work on simple programs then it does not matter what CPU you are getting right? What if you could save money and have increased performance for both?

Intel CPU

It is no secret that Intel has held the podium spot for many years producing some of the best gaming CPUs that the gaming world has ever seen, but in the meantime, AMD has been lurking in runner up spot. But, to some this may be an obvious choice to choose Intel, others might see the excellent architecture that is AMD and realise that for the price. You are getting something outstandingly better. Plus, there is the whole issue about their being a lack of stock when it comes to the Intel chips. With a lack of availability there is a need for a chip that will be equal, if not better than the Intel equivalent.

Red Team vs Blue Team

AMD is famous for its unrivaled processing power when it comes to heavy workloads and multi core usage. Handling applications seamlessly, rendering, programming and editing is far better on an AMD CPU, but when it came to gaming it seemed to lack off slightly. Well, as the years have progressed it seems that AMD has been a sleeping giant. Year by year they have been moving up the ladder and nipping closely at Intels ankles, which is fantastic for us as the consumer. The more Intel and AMD fight, the better deals we will receive. Now with Intel having to sit up and take notice of AMD approaching with intent to take over. Their sacred number one spot could be up for grabs. Especially now with the brand new 3000 series being released from AMD with rumours stating that the Ryzen 5 is going to have enough processing power to take on the flagship Intel Core i9-9900K. Just the thought alone is quite impressive.

Then it comes to the pricing of the two different CPUs. Again, AMD is a clear winner in this regard, offering their CPUs at a significantly lower price than that of the Intel CPUs. Some might argue that they are more expensive which means it has to be better quality, but that is certainly not the case at all! AMD CPUs are widely regarded as being incredibly balanced, ensuring that you can plough through a multitude of tasks with the greatest of ease. In terms of gaming, where many people think that AMD slacks off slightly, in essence their 2nd Gen CPUs have been performing incredibly well. Offering you a balance between excellent gaming and smooth rendering and editing.

AMD Dragon

So to summarise why Ryzen is better than Intel:
-> Cheaper than the Intel chips
-> Balance between work and gaming performance
-> Ready and available, no shortage of stock
-> You get the best of all worlds with the AMD chip
      - Gaming, working, editing, rendering, programming.
-> The 3rd Gen CPUs could overtake their Intel counterparts and offer the same perfect balance, with just way more power!

If you are in the market to upgrade your older generation CPU for something a little faster and more reliable, there are an abundance of choices out there. AMD is the more balanced and more affordable choice in the market right now, offering you longevity, performance and reliability. Make the right choice and choose the brand that is taking performance into the next generation, don’t sacrifice anything when you don’t have to.

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