Why you should get an RTX 2060 gaming laptop

RTX Gaming

The new RTX GPUs from NVIDIA are a massive leap into the future of gaming. When you need to watch your budget but want to get the most out of your gaming experience on the go, the RTX 2060 gaming laptops are a popular choice.

But, when it comes to an exceptional machine such as the RTX 2060 Gaming laptops it is not limited to only playing games. The beauty of having desktop grade performance in a portable device is that you can take not only your gaming world with you, but your work, school or college life with you too. So much of the initial focus is drawn to the gaming side of thee laptops obviously, it is a gaming machine after all, but the same can be said with the power to handle every day browsing and multi-tasking capabilities.

Here are eight reasons why you should consider getting yourself an RTX 2060 Gaming laptop, whether it's for work play, or both:


  1. Budget conscious - Whether you’re looking to upgrade or purchasing a gaming laptop for the first time it can get extremely expensive. If you want all the brand new technology with desktop grade performance then you can’t go wrong with the RTX 2060 GPU in your gaming laptop. With desktop performance that won’t completely break your bank account.
  2. Gaming on the move - Portable gaming seems to be the future for most gamers, offering you more for your money. The ability to game anywhere at anytime without sacrificing performance is extremely appealing. Having the power of a desktop in a sleek compact package will save you money in the long run.
  3. Blistering performance - Gone are the days where you would have to have a desktop to get the maximum performance in game. With the incredible advancements in technology, the RTX 2060 offers you the best performance to value for money on the market. High performance parts in one complete package will make any game cower in your presence.
  4. Impeccable design -  With all this high performance hardware packed into a small portable machine, some might assume that it will be a bulky visual disaster. In fact, the sleek and visually stunning aesthetics of gaming laptops are unparalleled. A beautiful performer with the looks to back up its powerful punch. Be the talk of the town when you whip out your RTX 2060 gaming laptop in public. Brilliant aesthetics with even better performance gives you one stunning combination.
  5. Built to last - Just as you shouldn’t compromise performance with versatility, the same can be applied when it comes to build quality. You can have the assurance that your portable gaming beast is built to last. With premium materials used to hold all the exceptional hardware in a gorgeous sturdy chassis. Get the best of both worlds. Unrivaled performance with exceptional build quality with no compromise to the stunning aesthetics.
  6. Ease of use - Some people could confuse that gaming PCs or notebooks are not only designed for gaming. They are just the same as a normal PC or notebook. It will still have the same operating system as your home computer which means that there is no new learning curve for people.
  7. It's much faster - the added benefit of having a gaming laptop means that it uses high quality parts. Not only will this increase the longevity of the machine but will ensure that your tasks and application usage is extremely quick. In game you’ll experience a smooth gameplay experience and outside of the game you can experience a responsive and lightning quick work horse.
  8. Future Proof System - What we mean by a future proof system is that gaming products are built for tomorrows programs and applications, where normal PCs and Notebooks are built to handle or the applications and programs of today. Getting the latest and highest quality components will ensure that your Gaming notebook will last for years to come, whether it be programming, rendering, editing or gaming. Your RTX Notebook will have your back into the future.


Never get anchored down to gaming in one location when you can happily game on the go and beat your opponents anywhere at anytime. Finish your video or photo editing on the go, check your programming or your college assignments. The best budget gaming laptop is not only designed to give you the best gaming experience. It is designed to give you the best experience overall. Make your life easier with the RTX 2060 Gaming Notebook range.


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RTX 2060

Palit GeForce RTX 2060 Dual 12GB

R7,999 Inc. VAT

ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 2060 OC EVO 6GB GDDR6

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