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Top reasons to buy from evetech

Whether you know what kind of desktop computer or laptop you want or are simply researching for the best deal on the latest computer, Evetech is the only place to find the best deals to buy Computer Parts and laptops online.

We stock the latest in technology and keep a huge range of computer parts and laptops in stock. We're always looking for ways to give you the best price on your new laptop or desktop computer, and make your buying experience as easy as possible.

Top 10 Reasons

Here are the top 10 reasons that we get from our customers when they tell us why they buy from us and advise their friends to do the same.

  1. Easy, helpful website: Advice on selection, detailed product specifications, high resolution product images, links to manufacturer’s websites; all the information you need to decide what you really want in your computer

    How does this benefit me?: You can be confident that buying on our website will give you honest and easy to access information to make sure that you are buying the right components for your PC.

  2. Price: Low overheads, low cost. We don’t run with a vast administrative set up and an enormous advertising budget; and we pass on the benefit to you in our low, low prices.

    How does this benefit me?: You get an amazing product at an ultra low price!

  3. Range of Options: We offer the widest range of options available in the SA.  We don’t just offer a limited range for you to choose from.  Our range is enormous, so you can fine tune your specification to just what you want.

    How does this benefit me?: You only pay for the components you want and need so you wont be paying for extras you will never use.

  4. Original CDs and DVDs supplied: Your system comes with all the original manufacturer’s media so you can reconfigure and rebuild your system to your own taste.

    How does this benefit me?: You get the ORIGINAL CD/DVD for each component and Windows. So you can reinstall the PC from scratch if needed.

  5. Quality of components: Range of options for top quality branded to good quality intermediate.  Quality is at the top of our selection criteria list, rather than lowest price.

    How does this benefit me?: You can sleep easy knowing that every component is from a major manufactuer and of high quality.

  6. Quality of built and testing: All our systems are hand built by small teams.  Function and burn in testing is done by another small team.  Small team working rather than big team production line working is well accepted as giving the best quality for individual build items.

    How does this benefit me?: Your computer will arrive fully working and ready to go!

  7. Latest drivers and BIOS updates preinstalled: We add to the reliability and quality by pre-installing all the latest support from the product manufacturer before shipping it to you.

    How does this benefit me?: You won't need to worry about Windows updates or adding new drivers we do it all for you.

  8. Delivery to your door: No need to struggle to the shops and back.  Our systems are delivered by Courier the day after they are produced. 

    How does this benefit me?: Safely delivered direct to your door using the most reliable company in the SA.

  9. After sales service and support: Got a minor problem; no hanging on the phone to ask the niggling technical question.  Send an email to our support team and they always reply within 24 hours.  You can buy with confidence with our excellent warranty arrangements. Our systems all come with a basic 12 months warranty with 7 day free collect and return, and some of the components have up to 3 to 5 years of individual component warranty.

    How does this benefit me?: Service is the most important part and we are here to help you can feel confident that in the unlikely event you have a problem with your order that we will sort it out for you.

  10. Safe Shopping: Buy online securely using our secure server.

    How does this benefit me?: You won't need to worry about using a credit or debit card on our website. It's secure and protected.

Quite simply. You can't go wrong with Evetech!