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Power Supply (PSU)

The stable gaming rig requires a lot of juice to operate and the Gaming PSU is designed with this exact purpose in mind. Modular design helps keep your rig clutter-free and allow you to remove any unnecessary cables that won’t be in use.

We supply the best selection of Gaming PSUs available on the market. Whether you plan on powering up a modest PC or building the ultimate multiple graphics-card monster, you’ll be sure to find the perfect Gaming Power Supply to power up your components safely and efficiently.

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Corsair Power Supply (PSU) - Best Deals

Skimping on the power supply looking like an attractive proposition? Considering the fact that your PSU (Power Supply Unit) can make or break all the hardware connected to it, buying anything less than the best starts to look like a terrible idea. Corsair offers a wide range of power supplies, suited for every budget, every hardware type, every case type, and satisfies even the highest power requirements.

Built with the highest quality components – Corsair PSUs have come to be known as the very best power supplies on the market. It allows flexibility. Choose from the highest-grade Corsair PSUs that deliver incredible power efficiency – wasting less electricity. Alternatively, go for a more budget option that fits right into your PC and budget – but still boasting the same reliability that everyone has come to expect of Corsair products!

Buying a power supply is a crucial step in the PC building process. After all, it is the core component powers your magnificent PC. Pick out the Corsair PSU that fits your budget, power requirements, efficiency, and style. Reliability and quality are built into your Corsair PSU – absolutely free of cost! Buy only the best. Buy Corsair.

Antec Power Supply (PSU) - Best Deals

Planning to cut corners by buying a cheaper PSU? Think again. A host of powerful hardware needs a reliable power supply powering them. After all, you don’t want an unpredictable PSU ruining costly hardware!

What better choice than an Antec PSU? Antec has powered millions of PCs over three decades of its existence – making it one of the most dependable power supply solutions in the world. In fact, it boasts the lowest RMA rate in the world – a testament to its reliability indeed!

Antec is one of the few reliable PSU manufacturers that offer substantial value for money. Making sure you get the most bang for your buck – without risking your components in the process! Evetech offers the most competitive prices across all Antec PSUs in South Africa – because we not only want you to have the best. We also want you to get the best price possible!

You’re not just purchasing another component when you buy an Antec power supply. You’re buying peace of mind! Now that is priceless. Buy yours at the best price in South Africa – only from Evetech.