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Best Gaming Mouse Deals South Africa

Best Gaming Mouse Deals

Having a good gaming mouse is as necessary having a good gaming keyboard. However, there’s a lot more technicality involved in selecting the best gaming mouse. Some players prefer to use a gaming mouse that support their specific gripping technique - Palm Grip while others prefer to have a Claw Grip stance or Fingertip Grip stance. Other gamers choose a gaming mouse depending on its weight. That’s why there are gaming mice available with adjustable weight and balance tuning by placing extra weights according to a comfort and control over the movement of the mouse.

With all the type of games available today, your choice will rely on this aspect too !

FPS gamers will prefer a lighter, more agile mouse with customisable macro's and a precision sensor.

RTS, MOBA and MMO gamers may enjoy more customisable macros than usual. Having a action or command with the click of a single button is highly convenient, especially in the competitive scene !

In this section, we have picked the best gaming mice for all types of gamers depending on three different requirements - hand sizes, gripping technique and gaming preference. Choose the one that suits you best and play at the highest level, beating your opponents with your sharp skills and precision.

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