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AMD Ryzen 5 Upgrade Kits

AMD RYZEN 5 Upgrade Kits

Aging PC causing you a world of grief? Evetech presents a wide range of upgrade kit deals, built around AMD’s brand-new power offering – RYZEN 5 Processors. Grab one and rejuvenate your struggling system from the most powerful budget CPUs on the market!

Our carefully picked components provide perfect synergy, assisting each part to provide peak performance, at unbelievable prices. If you’re looking for budget performance, your search ends here! These Ryzen 5 CPUs will quench your thirst for performance, while high-performance DDR4 memory in top-of-the-line motherboards helps your machine purr along, allowing extensive multitasking.

AMD RYZEN 5 Processors has made it possible for the mainstream consumer to experience the power of premium computing with both 6-core / 12-Threads and 4-core / 8-Threads variants. Choose from our wide range of AMD RYZEN 5 upgrade kits and settle on one that suits you.

Bundled with the highest quality DDR4 memory available, and the latest AM4 ryzen motherboards from the world’s top gaming motherboard vendor (MSI), these Ryzen 5 CPUs are allowed to unleash their true potential – instantly. Simply grab one of these RYZEN 5 upgrade kits and transform your stuttering PC into a powerful monster today!