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Vertagear Gaming Chairs

Vertagear has been striving to provide seating solutions to gamers for years, recognizing the need for a unique amalgam of luxury, quality, looks, and comfort. Groundbreaking designs from the Vertagear SL and Triiger Series have attained international renown, for good reason.

Only premium material used for each , giving it a premium feel unlike any other. Professional gamers swear by the quality and comfort provided by Vertagear products. Choose from our wide selection of Vertagear Gaming Chairs and experience gaming like never before. Don’t settle for a mediocre seat, buy the very best and feel the premium combination of luxury and comfort with Vertagear.

The Leader in Best Gaming Chairs

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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Vertagear Gaming Chair Today.

When you’re ready to throw out your old unbearable office chair, or your gran’s ancient wooden dining room chair and finally invest in a gaming chair one thing is guaranteed. You won't be disappointed.

Vertagear has strived to bring the gaming world the best kind of seating solution for many years. Realising that there was a huge need for gamers to get the most out of the games that they play ensuring sublime comfort, fantastic design and tough durability. Elevate your game with a Vertagear gaming chair and experience true comfort, no matter what your budget, there’s a gaming chair for you.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should invest in an epic gaming chair today:

  1. Healthy Gaming: When it comes to your health it is unbelievably crucial that you have all the equipment you can possibly afford to ensure no long term side effects from years of gaming. Here’s where Vertagear comes in. No, this isn't a plot to convince all the parents to get a really cool looking office chair for you, Vertagear is more than that. A solid steel structure with an aluminum base, high density foam padding hugging your body and providing the essential support while gaming. A neck and lumbar cushion is provided and is adjustable in order for you to set up your preferred seating position and prevent lower back and neck pain. The racing style seat guarantees improved posture while vanquishing your foes. With Vertagear’s wide range of products they make sure that there is a chair that fits you. The way it should be.

  2. Adjustable Flexibility: Vertagear gaming chairs offer an array of adjustability for you, the gamer. From being able to adjust the seat height higher or lower, to the adjustable armrests. Everybody who has sat in a chair has wanted to tilt and rock in that chair, with Vertagear you are able to do exactly that, and more. With a tilting and an adjustable resistance and locking system, you can adjust the resistance according to your weight so you can tilt and rock comfortably. The adjustability extends to the backrest, enabling it to be adjusted to a 150 degree angle for when you’re feeling the urge to take a power nap between quests.

  3. Ultra Comfort: All the Vertagear gaming chairs are built to last for many years, without sacrificing the comfort factor. With premium quality high density foam providing excellent support and comfort for your back. The open cell-structure of the chair provides for great heat dispersion, when things are heating up from a really intense gaming session, the last thing you want is to feel like you’re stuck to the high quality PVC leather.

  4. Built To Last: The whole range of Vertagear gaming chairs are built to last against the elements that any gamer could potentially throw at them. Durability doesn’t just mean a great overall build quality with solid materials, it’s about the fabric and seat covering materials too. It’s okay to accidentally spill a little water here and there, it happens. The least of your concern will be your Vertagear gaming chair. With stain and water resistant qualities the chair is durable and easy to clean the gorgeous PVC leather. This will give the chair a stunningly elegant look as well as being versatile and durable.

  5. Overall Design: The wide range of Vertagear gaming chairs provide you with everything that you could possibly want in a gaming chair; incredible build quality, adjustability, stunning good looks with the PVC leather and ultimate comfort. And the cherry on top has to be a lightning fast assembly time. Vertagear makes sure that the assembly of their gaming chairs is easy and fast, without compromising on build quality, so that you can get back to the more important thing. Destroying your opponents!

If you’ve found your perfect Vertagear gaming chair, jump on over to Evetech and wheel it out. If you can’t come and collect your new gaming chair, then don’t stress, we deliver right to your doorstep. So give us a call or drop us an email and we will have it wheeled off to you. Evetech has your back with South Africa’s best gaming chair deals. Take a seat and relax with Evetech and Vertagear.