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best PC Monitor deals south Africa

Best PC Monitor Deals

Getting the right monitor for your type of setup is of utmost importance. A powerful PC means nothing without the right monitor.

Editing 4k footage/video will be best on a 4k monitor. A 1080p Monitor will not display the full potential of your work. High resolution images should also be viewed and edited on a higher resolution than 1080p, don't forget to consider the color accuracy too !

Gaming is best enjoyed at 1080p, 1440p or 4k Resolutions. Your choice will be affected by the games you play, the graphics power you have and the quality of imagery you desire. High refresh rate monitors are a must these days. Your level of gameplay will drastically improve at the blisteringly rate at which the screen refreshes. See your enemy split seconds before they see you ! After all, those split seconds can make or break you.

Working in office environments call for a more professional, minimalist option. Things like the type of video port and utility the monitor has (example VESA mount) will be taken into consideration.

No matter the environment you are in, we've got you covered ! Based on users reviews and bestsellers, we have shortlisted some of the available. Find the monitor that’s right for you and buy it with confidence.

Best PC Monitor Deals (23)