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best SSD deals South Africa

Best SSD Deals

Having an SSD in your system has become as necessary as having a good CPU or more RAM. It is the most simple & important upgrade you can make to your PC or laptop without spending much and still get a huge performance boost overall. SSDs are a lot faster & reliable than traditional hard drives because SSDs use non-moving transistors instead of mechanically switching plates.

Why you should get an SSD? With SSD, your bootup time reduces to within few seconds. Applications load quickly and everything works fast which also saves a lot of your time and you can be more productive.

We handpicked some of the best performing SSDs based on user reviews - ranging from best value SSDs to SSDs with the highest read/write speed. Whether it’s a SATA or a PCI-e SSD, we have got the best SSD deals in South Africa to choose from. Learn More

Best SSD Deals (43)

SSD For Gaming

In terms of gaming, SSDs also play a key role. Since majority of the new games including FIFA 17, DOOM and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst use Denuvo Anti-Tamper technology which continuously encrypts and decrypts game data to make the game impossible to crack. In this case, an SSD loads a game a lot faster, getting rid of long loading screens in-between missions.