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ASUS Zenbook Laptop Deals

ASUS Zenbook Laptop Deals

Featuring a killer combination of elegance, performance, looks, and battery life, Evetech is proud to partner with ASUS and bring the sought-after ASUS Zenbook Ultrabooks to South Africa!

The design of the ASUS Zenbooks is simply breathtaking. The brushed aluminium-alloy unibody chassis feels premium to touch and lends a sturdiness to the product that will make your on-the-go computing experience as pleasant as ever. Take it along with you wherever you go and enjoy a full-featured laptop experience without the added bulk we have come to accept of traditional machines.

Grab the ASUS Zenbook that suits your budget and requirements and enjoy a portable computing experience like never before. Shop from Evetech to get the best deals on ASUS Zenbooks in South Africa, in addition to exclusive extended warranty options and lightning-fast delivery.

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ASUS Zenbook Laptop Deals

Top 5 Reasons to buy an ASUS Zenbook

Although an ASUS Zenbook is unbeatable whether you look at it from a looks, features, portability or design standpoint, here are 5 reasons that make it even more irresistible this year:

  1. Design – The brushed aluminium unibody design with sleek edges and a slim form factor makes the ASUS Zenbook stand out in public. Pulling it out of your bag is sure to draw envious looks from all around – enveloping you in its aura of elegance and professionalism.

  2. Powerful Hardware – Although the Zenbooks are known for their portability and slim design, ASUS makes sure that you don’t compromise on performance. In fact, some Zenbook models come equipped with the brand-new 8th Generation Intel Core™ Processors. The SSD adds to your performance further by speeding up every little task.

  3. Portability – The ASUS Zenbook lineup is a lot of things, but first and foremost, it is an elegant portable computing device. Their slim and featherweight design make them ultra-portable – allowing you to carry them anywhere without weighing you down. This makes it an ideal laptop that can be slipped into an overnight bag as you pack for a business trip or slid it into your backpack as you head out. This is the ultimate on-the-move laptop for professionals. .

  4. Windows Precision™ Touchpad – The trackpads leverage Windows Precision Drivers instead of relying on third-party software. What does this mean for you? A much more natural and lag-free trackpad experience with a full suite of gestures that will make navigation a breeze. Multi-finger swipes, double tap, pinches, and so much more at your fingertips. Quite literally.

  5. ASUS Proprietary Technologies – An ASUS Zenbook is chock-full of nifty technologies developed by ASUS. ASUS EyeCare™ ensures that your eyes don’t bear the full brunt of blue light and warms the colour tone to provide a more comfortable and natural viewing experience. On the other hand, ASUS Tru2Life™ is an intelligent software algorithm that adjusts the sharpness and contrast of every video frame in real-time, enhancing your videos across the board.

Grab an ASUS Zenbook and enhance your professional computing experience with a laptop that delivers plenty of computing power in a thin, light, and elegant metal package. Want the best deals on ASUS Zenbooks in South Africa? Shop on Evetech and grab not only the best deals on an ASUS Zenbook of your choice, but also enjoy exclusive extended warranty options to safeguard your brand-new purchase!