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Intel Motherboards

Every processor needs a worthy nesting place to deliver the best possible performance. Check out our range of Intel Motherboards to pair with your brand-new Intel processors. Whether you’re looking for a budget option that takes care of the most basic computing needs or you want to splurge on a fancier motherboard that doesn’t compromise at all!

From gaming to intense computing, these Intel Motherboards can handle almost anything you throw at it. Ultra-Fast memory? Bring it on. Multiple NVMe devices? No problem. Fine-tuned control for the best overclocking experience? Of course!

We stock Intel Motherboards from every major manufacturer out there to make sure that you have the broadest range of products to choose from. Shop from Evetech and get the best deals on Intel Motherboards in South Africa! That’s not all. We ensure that your purchase reaches your doorstep with absolutely no hitches.

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Top 5 Reason to Buy Z370 Motherboards

Intel’s newest chipset is out and several top manufacturers have launched motherboards built around it. Why do you need these motherboards? Here are top 5 reasons why you might!

  1. Support for 8th Generation Intel Core Processors. The 8th Generation Coffee Lake processor lineup is Intel’s most exciting release in decades. Upgrade to a premium computing experience only with a Z370 motherboard.

  2. Overclocking support. Overclocking the unlocked 8th Gen Intel Core processors require the Z370 chipset. Since this is the best way to extract maximum performance out of your hardware, a quality motherboard will go a long way in assisting you stabilize an overclock.

  3. Additional PCIe Lanes. A whopping 24 PCIe lanes from the chipset ensure that your peripherals can be connected to your PC without any issues whatsoever. The Z370 motherboards are built to facilitate the latest hardware and technologies.

  4. Support for up to 10 USB 3.1 Ports. We have many external peripherals connected to our PCs. But now the Z370 motherboards offer up to 10 high-speed latest generation USB 3.1 ports for fast data transfer and seamless connectivity.

  5. Reliability and lifespan. Z370 (Z series) motherboards are the gold standard when it comes to Intel processors. They use only the best components in the world to launch the most rugged motherboards – lasting substantially longer than other options!

Buy the best Z370 motherboards from the world’s top brands and experience the true power of Intel’s 8th Gen Core Processors!