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Steelseries Gaming Mouse

Partnered with well-respected gaming giants such as Valve and Blizzard, SteelSeries are famed for catering to everyone with a passion for gaming. Manufacturing some of the most alluring and well-designed gaming mouses, SteelSeries products stand proudly among the best of the best.

It’s not uncommon to see professional E-sport tournament players using SteelSeries equipment to own the opposition. These products are specifically created to enhance all gaming experiences and sport features that give us gamers and PC users exactly what we require from a PC mouse: Complete Control.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Steelseries Gaming Mouse.

In the ever growing market of gaming peripherals it can be extremely difficult for someone to decide which gaming mouse is a good fit for them. But with Steelseries, that choice is made to be a much less daunting task.

Since the year 2001 Steelseries has been shaping the world with their incredible products, being a dominant driving force in the eSports scene and professional gaming as a whole. They were one of the very first companies to ever sponsor professional gamers and have even worked closely with professional gamers to design better peripherals. They see the pro player sponsorships as more of a partnership. eSports is the focus for everything that they try and achieve in their products. Need we say more?

Here are the top 5 reasons that you should get a Steelseries gaming mouse:

  1. Reliable Comfort: Steelseries have made sure that they have catered a design for every type of gamer, whether you're a competitive gamer or enjoy the more casual side of gaming. The iconic shape of the Steelseries mice are one of the stand out features. A very comfortable and ergonomic design allows flexibility for all hand sizes and grip styles. Trust the mice, trusted by the pros.

  2. Professional Performance: The reason why so many pro players enjoy using Steelseries mice is the incredible performance and ergonomic design of the mouse. A gaming mouse has to be an extension of your hand, feeling like you and the mouse are moving as one. Like the Vikings wielding their trusted axe’s, you can wield a Steelseries gaming mouse with confidence. Take fights that you wouldn't normally take, win rounds you never thought you could with the unbridled performance from Steelseries.

  3. Awesome Customization: From customizing RGB lighting to adding custom macros to the many keys available on the mouse. With on board memory you can save your performance and light settings on the go to take your Steelseries gaming mouse to a lan and not have to worry about any game software. Steelseries high end gaming mice come with adjustable weights so you can find the perfect balance to dominate the gaming world.

  4. Flawless Design: It’s not an uncommon sight to see professional gamers using Steelseries gaming mice. Their overall design caters to anybody that is passionate about gaming, no matter your hand size or your grip style, Steelseries has a gaming mouse for you. Created to enhance your skills in game and give every gamer the tools needed to have complete control over their mouse.

  5. The Steelseries Style: With Steelseries unique ergonomic design it is easy to choose it out of a line up. With the very well built shell, plain but in no way boring it stays true to what is more important. Performance, comfort and reliability.

Get the mouse that so many of the eSports pros trust right here at Evetech, your one stop shop for all the best gaming mouse deals in South Africa. Give us a call and experience some of the best customer service guaranteed, or alternatively, drop us an email. If you can’t collect your new Steelseries mouse from our shop then there’s nothing to worry about. We deliver, right to your doorstep!

If you liked Steelseries’ gaming mice, maybe you’d be curious to check out their incredible gaming headset range.