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Steelseries Headset & Headphones

Gamers all across the world have come to appreciate the fantastic SteelSeries brand. Whilst mostly synonymous with producing top-notch keyboards and mouses, SteelSeries also produce some of the most coveted headsets, offering the same level of excellence with their headset range.

SteelSeries specialise in quality headsets for all kinds of gamers and have won numerous awards all across the globe. Precision surround audio and crystal-clear frequencies bring us as close to the action as possible. Annihilate your opponents in complete immersion and comfort and find out for yourself why SteelSeries is one of the most popular brands available today in gaming headset market.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Steelseries Gaming Headset.

When looking for a new gaming headset it can be quite a formidable and tedious task to do. There are so many good quality headsets on the market with particular features. But why settle for a good quality headset when you can admire an outstanding quality headset! This is what Steelseries’ range of headsets can offer you, ticking all the boxes that you may have on your checklist.

From the year 2001 Steelseries has been changing the world of eSports gaming creating peripherals to suit the most competitive gamers and the people who just have an undying passion for the gaming industry. Steelseries sees sponsorships to professional players not as a contract, but as a partnership. Looking to better the gaming industry with their high quality products and a constant effort to improve the quality of life for all gamers.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get a Steelseries gaming headset:

  1. Unrivaled Comfort: Steelseries takes inspiration from athletic material adopting the Airweave fabric for the ear cushions, letting you stretch your gaming sessions to the max. When things heat up in game, Steelseries Airweave fabric ear cups will let you breath in those grueling clutch situations! Hours of comfort so you can focus on the more important things. Less distractions and more premium comfort.

  2. Redefined Build Quality: The goal with the Steelseries range was to cut down on all the unnecessary components on the headset leaving you with a ultra lightweight design, you’ll forget that you’re indeed wearing a brilliant gaming headset. Although lightweight, there was nothing spared on making it an exceptionally solid build. Minimalistic combined with a lightweight frame and the famous Steelseries durability makes for a champion gaming headset.

  3. Stunning Sound: Delivering top-class audio across the board sporting 7.1 surround sound and giving you a heavenly sound scape. Steelseries high end gaming headsets have the Hi-res stamp of approval, meticulously engineered to boast an incredible sound quality. No matter what game you're playing you it’ll drop you in the middle of the action, give you the tools to pinpoint your enemies flawlessly. Why hear the action when you can feel it with Steelseries gaming headset range.

  4. Simply Elegant: With the minimalistic design of Steelseries gaming headset it provides a very clean and exquisite design. There are no flashy gimmicks making the Steelseries line up have a shimmering elegance, leaving all the brute to the outstanding sound quality.

  5. Communication At Its Finest: All the Steelseries headsets rock a clearcast microphone, astonishing clarity coupled with noise cancellation broadcasting only the best vocal clarity to your teammates and friends online. Your friends will think that you’re in the room with them when using the clearcast Mic from Steelseries.

Join the Steelseries family and grab your headset right here at Evetech, South Africa’s number one shop for the best gaming headset deals. If you can’t come and collect your brand new gaming headset, it’s all good, we deliver right to your doorstep! Give us a call or drop us an email and we will respond in record time.

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