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Glorious PC Gaming Race

Glorious PC Gaming Race

With such a massive and diverse peripherals market, it takes something extremely special to change the game. Introducing Glorious, a company that has not only changed the peripherals market but made it so much better. Get your hands on some of the world's best peripherals and change the way that you play casually or competitively. Glorious will make sure you achieve every mile stone without breaking the bank. Affordable, performance oriented products designed to give you the competitive edge. It's simply, Glorious

Glorious PC Gaming Race (90)

Glorious PC Gaming Race

Glorious South Africa

Glorious was started by a couple of people in the community, who were extremely passionate about bringing high-end gaming peripherals to the gaming scene. Glorious strives to ensure that their products meet the necessary requirements for casual gamers, enthusiasts and professional gamers alike.

It all began when these few dedicated members in a community were not getting what they wanted from all the well-known gaming companies, and wanted to make sure they could give the people what they really wanted. Since their start in 2014, they have been challenging the traditional PC gaming hardware industry. Glorious, for people who need a little more from their gaming hardware.

Glorious started their endeavors by creating mouse pads, from there they went on to deliver the first-ever fully modular hot-swappable key switches. Their latest extremely successful endeavour is releasing their first gaming mouse called the Model-O. This gaming mouse takes every good aspect of every great gaming mouse out there and modular it all together. This is what perfection looks like, in the shape and form of a gaming mouse. Glorious, it's the community, the gaming peripherals that you deserve.