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Gamdias Gaming Chairs

No gaming setup is truly complete without a really good gaming chair. Gamdias presents their Achilles range of gaming chairs, taking innovation to the next level with exceptional style and outrageously gorgeous design. With RGB lighting built into the back of the gaming chair, you can truly be the envy of people around you with this stunning gaming chair.

Don’t let the stunning aesthetics fool you, these chairs are built to last and offer you the best ergonomics on the market. With gamers spending more and more time competing and dominating online lobbies, you need to ensure that you are still keeping your bodies health in check. That's where the Achilles excels once again.

Premium materials used to craft the elegant gaming chairs ensure a reliable seating option. With head and lumbar support cushions you can sit for hours without compromising on your posture. Adjustable backrest and 4D adjustable armrests allow you to customise your seating position to suit your needs. Some Achilles models come with an included adjustable footrest for those moments where you need to kick back and relax after a tough game! Give your body what it needs during your in game grinding sessions. You won’t regret it, and your body will thank you for it. Gamdias, Gaming art in motion.

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Top 5 reasons to get yourself a Gamdias Gaming Chair

It may be quite daunting to try and find a new gaming chair to suit your game style, with such an array of choices out there it can be quite difficult to set your mind on one. With Gamdias. They make that choice a little easier!

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider getting a Gamdias gaming chair:

  1. Extreme comfort: Gamdias understand that a user spends hours in their chairs either working or gaming and bodily health is an important factor in the creation of their gaming chairs. With exceptional comfort you can spend as much time in your gaming chairs without having any feelings of fatigue or discomfort.

  2. Adjust and customise: You have the freedom to adjust your gaming chair to suit your exact seating needs. With 4D customizable armrests, backrest and an additional footrest that comes with all the Achilles range of gaming chairs, you can have the confidence to sit back and relax or prop yourself up when the action in game gets too intense. In addition Gamdias offers LED lighting at the back of the chair, providing a very aesthetically pleasing gaming chair. Be the envy of your friends and family with this beautiful feature.

  3. Awesome build quality: Only the best materials are used when constructing the Gamdias gaming chairs. Sit, game and relax with the knowledge that your gaming chair is built to last you.

  4. Ergonomically perfect: Gamdias offers both the neck and lumbar cushion to provide extra neck and lower back support during long gaming and work sessions. Find the best ergonomic position for your lumbar support cushion to give you additional comfort and support.

  5. Affordable seating: One of the biggest outlying factors of the Gamdias gaming range is how incredibly affordable their products are for the insanely high quality that you recieve. There aren't many gaming products that can meet the requirements of high quality and affordability. Gamdias’ range of gaming keyboards smashes that requirement with stunning certainty!