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Steelseries Keyboards

SteelSeries have fast become one of the most appreciated brands in gaming circles across the globe. Award-winning products have put SteelSeries up there with the very best peripheral designers and their phenomenal gaming keyboards make it easy to see why such high praise is given to SteelSeries products.

SteelSeries’ range of gaming keyboards offer the top technologies found in modern gaming keyboards. Anti-ghosting, backlit keys, customisable macros… SteelSeries offer keyboards to suit everyone’s needs. The award-winning SteelSeries Engine software suite allows for unprecedented control and customisation and is one of the major appeals of these fantastic peripherals.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Steelseries Gaming Keyboard.

Finding the perfect keyboard to compliment your gaming rig and desk setup can be quite a conflicting process. Going through your checklist making sure the keyboard meets your expectations. With Steelseries’ range of gaming keyboards, it’s difficult for them not to meet your criteria.

Steelseries has been changing the world of eSports gaming with their incredible gaming peripherals. Providing you with excellent products to build on your skills as a competitive gamer or just as a gaming enthusiast. Feel the skill gap grow between you and your opposition with Steelseries’ gaming keyboards.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider investing in a Steelseries gaming keyboard:

  1. From Rags to Switches: Excellent key switches can mean the difference in your ability to make accurate, concise movement in game, compared to mashing on the keys with no success at all. The variety of keyboards offered by Steelseries all contain the best switches to suit your in game needs, from quick tension switches to the widely renowned Cherry MX-red switches and finally their very own QX2 switches. Don’t compromise your gaming performance with unreliable mushy keys and switch to Steelseries unrivaled reliability and outperform even the toughest foes.

  2. Exceptional Build Qualit: Reassure yourself that no matter how tough you are on your keyboard it will never buckle. Steelseries gaming keyboards are built with high quality materials. A solid base structure is provided for the switches to keep precise accuracy when your movement needs it the most. With zero-flex stability these keyboards scream durable quality..

  3. Brutal Performance: Steelseries has made a massive impact on the professional eSports scene over the years with all their vast range of products, so if you’re looking to take your gaming to the next level you can have the confidence in Steelseries gaming keyboards to take your skills just that little bit higher than the rest. If it's more of the casual side that you’re in to, perfect, Steelseries keyboards are ergonomically sound insuring that even casual gaming enthusiasts can get the most out of their premium gaming keyboard. Whatever your desire, Steelseries has something to offer you.

  4. Satisfying Customization: Create unique awe-inspiring lighting showcases right at your fingertips with the award winning Steelseries Engine Software. It is also the key to unlocking a variety of Engine Apps that make your customization experience easy and immersive.

  5. Modern Elegance: Steelseries gaming keyboards are built tough to compete at the competitive level and withstand all the knocks and bumps that it’ll receive along the way. This durable doesn’t overshadow the sleek and stylish style that all the Steelseries keyboards possess. Simplistically beautiful and durably refined these keyboards make a strong, stunning spectacle to put at the centre of your gaming setup.

Don’t hesitate any longer and grab one of your favourite Steelseries keyboards now right here at Evetech! South Africa’s number one leading shop for all the best gaming keyboard deals. Come down and see us and experience the best customer service or drop us an email to order your brand new Steelseries keyboard. You bet we deliver, right to your doorstep.

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