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Glorious Gaming Mouse

Glorious PC Gaming Race was started by a bunch of gamers to provide hardware and accessories for gamers. Engineered for the highest tier performance, exceptional quality, at extremely affordable prices. Glorious strives to ensure that they will always bring the best hardware and accessories at the best prices. Gamers who understand what other gamers want. What more could you ask for?

It all started with a community of passionate gamers who demanded the very best from gaming companies. Since the original inception in 2014, they have been challenging the traditional PC gaming hardware industry. Every single product that Glorious has on offer is to fill the needs of serious PC gamers who want a little more from their gaming hardware and nobody else could possibly offer that to them.

Glorious claimed their fame by creating the world’s best gaming mouse pads and wrist rests. Then they turned the peripherals market on its head with the world’s first Modular Mechanical Keyboard with interchangeable switches. Glorious’ Model O gaming mouse has been regarded as one of the best gaming mice to have ever hit the market. With many reputable reviewers using the Model O as their daily driver. Taking the best features from all the incredible mice out there and fusing them into, what some would say, the world's best gaming mouse. This is a community of loyal users who have realized the unparalleled performance, reliability, and durability of the Glorious products.

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The Model O and the Model O - (minus) are essentially exactly the same mouse, with one exception. The Model O - is slightly smaller than the Model O, designed for people with smaller hands. The Model O range was envisioned by a community of passionate gamers and developed by a team who accepts nothing less than perfection. Which they have most certainly achieved with this range of gaming mice.

Glorious Model O and Model O - come in two different colours and two different textures. It comes in black or white, matte or glossy finish. No matter what colour you decide on getting the RGB lighting will shine through beautifully.

Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a Glorious Model O:

  1. Combining Strength and Comfort : Model O’s Honeycomb Shell is the key to achieving the ultimate lightweight body while still maintaining the ultra-durable strength. The beauty of the Model O is that you will hardly feel the holes in the shell during your gameplay, but they provide ventilation for your hand and will keep your palm cool under the pressure. Some may be concerned with dirt affecting the Model O's performance, but cleaning the mouse is quick and simple. Use any air canister to keep your mouse functioning like the day you first got it.

  2. Ascended Cord: If you have ever used a wireless gaming mouse and felt the freedom of the cordless nature of the mouse. This is better. The Ascended cord has a shoelace type of texture and is lighter than any other mouse cord on the market. Ultra-flexible and extremely lightweight, it will feel like you are playing wirelessly.

  3. G-Skates Feet: Glide smoothly across any surface when you have the G-Skates on your feet. The Model O comes standard with their very own mouse feet. Consisting of 100% pure Virgin PTFE, rounded edges ensure that it will never accidentally hook or snag on your mousepad. This ensures a consistent smooth glide, like blades on ice.

  4. A Legendary Sensor: The Pixart 3360 Sensor is a well known Optical sensor on the gaming market. Featured in most of the top-end mice on the market, the Pixart 3360 finds itself in the Glorious Model O. A very fitting Sensor to be placed hand in hand with an elite Gaming mouse like the Model O, designed for the highly competitive E-Sports industry. Pixel perfect tracking, zero mouse acceleration, no random spinouts, 1000Hz polling rate, and less than 0.7mm lift-off distance. A God amongst gaming mice. Similar to the Zowie mice, on the belly of the mouse you can find a DPI indicator, this allows you to see the current DPI level of the mouse without having to launch the software. You are also able to customize the DPI within the software as well as change the colour of the indicator linked to the certain DPI.

  5. Weight in Variety: The Model O comes in two finishes: A Glossy finish and a matte finish. Both the Model O and the Model O - have the white or black option in both matte and glossy. The Model O weighs in at 67 grams for the matte variant and 68 grams in the glossy finish. For the Model O - however, it weighs in at 58 grams for matte and 59 grams for glossy. Having the option to choose what colour and finish best suits you gives you more control over the shape, size, and texture of your weapon, the Model O. Start aiming like a God when you have the Model O in your hand.

There has never been a better choice to take your gaming to the next level. Having a gaming mouse that is not only this light, with an abundance of features, and endless possibilities. You can finally game in confidence. This is the best gaming mouse that your money can buy. Affordable, reliable, a true competitive performer. You are in for a treat with the Model O.