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If you are looking for a gaming chair brand that has everything that you need from comfort, customizability, function and build-quality, then the Arozzi gaming chairs are the best decision you will make this year.

Spanning a comprehensive range of gaming chairs from comfort focussed to premium build quality, comfort and aesthetics, you will find something in every Arozzi gaming chair that you love!




Being comfortable in an Arozzi gaming chair, having high-quality audio and excellent peripherals are all essential in being a high-impact player in-game. One thing that everyone could argue as being more critical is exact, concise communication.

The Arozzi Studio quality desktop microphones give you the ability to communicate with your team without a hiccup or muddy quality. If you are interested in creating content or live streaming the Arozzi microphones are more than up to the task of producing crystal clear natural tones for all your viewers to enjoy!



Arozzi Racing Rigs are the world’s first race driving simulator stand compatible with any gaming or office chair. This feature allows users to pick any gaming chair of their choice to add a racing simulator. The Velocità racing simulator stand has plated brackets to add a steering wheel, driving pedals, and gear shifting box.

Hardcore racing gamers can now get a racing simulator to attach to their current chair without breaking the bank from buying bulky racing simulators that are difficult to store. Velocità’s compact and lightweight design allows easy storage and for gaming on the go.


Gaming Desk:

The Arozzi gaming desks are not only a state of the art gaming desk, but it is also a giant water-resistant mouse pad. The entire surface of the desk is covered in a washable mouse pad that can be interchangeable if you buy additional Arena Mouse Pads. With three cable management cut-outs, this spacious desk has an extra cable management mesh pouch fit snugly underneath. With its sturdy Swedish design, the Arena Gaming Desk is top of the line for gaming setups.


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