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ASUS ROG Gaming Keyboards

Featuring a broad range of products with a variety of mechanical switches and software enhancements, the ASUS ROG Gaming Keyboard lineup is now available in South Africa at discounted price.

Boasting repertoire of features, asus ROG gaming keyboards are not for the faint of heart. Offering customizability and fine-tuning for the detail oriented gamers who love being control, an ASUS ROG Gaming Keyboard will be the last gaming keyboard you’ll ever buy. They are crafted using the sturdiest materials available – ensuring a long life and many million intense keystrokes.

Evetech offers the best deals on ROG Gaming Keyboards in South Africa. Don’t believe us? Find a better deal than ours and we will match the price for you immediately. This is the Evetech Price Match Guarantee, and we stand by it. Come, choose the best keyboard for your gaming needs from Evetech and complete your gaming rig with an ASUS ROG Gaming Keyboard today!

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Best ASUS ROG Gaming Keyboard Deals in South Africa

N-key rollover to keep up with your lightning-fast reflexes and key presses, fully-backlit with an array of RGB customizability, onboard memory to save your profiles irrespective of where you use your keyboard, solid aluminium construction with incredibly comfortable keycaps...need we go on?

ASUS ROG Gaming Keyboards is an ultra-durable, illuminated, mechanical gaming keyboard, engineered for superior responsiveness and available with a choice of black, blue, brown, or red Cherry MX switches. It employs the highest-specification N-Key Rollover (NKRO) technology over USB and has 13 dedicated, easy-to-reach macro keys for fast and hassle-free command customization.

Gamers even have the option to reassign F1-F8 as macro keys for a total of 21 one-touch commands as well as use the on-the-fly macro-recording key to create commands without interrupting gameplay.