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mad catz south africa


mad catz south africa


mad catz south africa


mad catz south africa

Precise Optical Sensor

The R.A.T 8+ comes fitted with the famous OMRON switches that are rated at 50 million clicks, ensure that you never miss a shot again with the amazing OMRON switches on the R.A.T 8+

The position of the Pixart 3389 sensor is perfectly positioned to accurately track every pixel no matter what the gaming surface may be. It also provides a rigid foundation for all the other control modules on the mouse.

mad catz south africa

Customization at your fingertips

When you need a mouse that can adapt to your play and grip style instead of you having to adjust to the shape of the mouse. The R.A.T 4+ is a mouse designed for you.

Incredible customizability allows for you to adjust the mouse to fit your hand and playstyle. From the palm grip all the way to the length of the mouse can be adjusted just for you.

mad catz south africa

Chameleon RGB

Chameleon RGB lighting makes use of three different lighting zones on the mouse.

The RATs are engineered with precision to ensure that you have the best shape and maximum comfort while gaming. By making the key parts of the mouse adjustable you can enhance your playing style. You can adjust everything from the palm grip, to the length of the mouse, making it suitable for any grip style.

mad catz south africa

Super lightweight chassis

The R.A.T. 2+ is constructed around a super lightweight chassis, ensuring the sensor position is perfectly balanced for tracking on your gaming surface. It also provides the rigid foundation for the rest of the control modules.

mad catz south africa

Maximum comfort

The days of struggling to find a mouse that can give you the most comfort, the best in-game experience and allow you to customize a specific grip style is over. The R.A.T 1+ gives you all of that on one mouse.

Customize to your hearts content, make sure that you have the perfect setup on your mouse to give you an advantage over your opponents. Finally, you can have the best of both worlds; comfortable gaming at no extra cost.

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