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RAZER Headset & Headphones

Razer audio products offer cutting-edge technology combined with stylish designs across a wide selection of products. You’ll be sure to appreciate what Razer Headset & Headphones offer, regardless of your preferences. Razer’s ergonomic designs are crafted expertly to ensure extended sessions of usage remain comfortable and pleasurable.

Razer is synonymous with style and quality and their headsets are no different. From inner-ear headphones to closed ear cup designs which effectively isolate noise, Razer has you covered. Gamers will have the edge over the competition with precise audio positioning, while audiophiles will fall in love with the sound quality these headsets produce.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You should Get a Razer Gaming Headset.

When looking for a new gaming headset there are certain things that you need to keep in mind in order to get the best value for your money. Comfort , design, platform compatibility and the microphone quality. These things are essential when looking to purchase a brand new gaming headset. With Razer, your search is finally over. Pushing the limits with their incredibly diverse range of gaming headsets.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider adding a Razer gaming headset to your peripheral collection.

  1. Transcendent Sound: One of the most important factors of a gaming headset is delivering premium sound quality to submerge you in heavenly high notes, magical mid range and booming bass. This is something that Razer has managed to perfect with their range of gaming headsets. Experience exhilarating sound quality when jumping into a game and feel like you’re actually immersed in that virtual world. With innovative surround sound gaming, hear your enemies before they have a chance to hear you.

  2. Refined Build Quality: Just like other products from Razer their gaming headset range has outstanding build quality. The headsets are robust and flexible and lack all the annoying creaks and cracks that you could find on other headsets. With technology advancing, Razer keeps up with the times by offering wired and wireless gaming headsets that will accommodate every gamers’ needs.

  3. 5 Star Comfort: With the incredible build quality, Razer doesn't cut any corners when it comes to comfort. When gaming for multiple hours have one less distraction with Razer’s supreme comfort, using durable but lightweight materials crafting an ergonomic and enticing headpiece.

  4. Any Platform, Anytime: Razer offers headsets for any kind of gamer, whether it be PC gaming or console gaming you’ll be able to use your Razer gaming headset. Gone are the days where you need multiple headsets for multiple devices, your Razer gaming headset offers the versatility for you to use your headset on the preferred console of your choice, or plug your Razer headset into an audio jack on your phone and listen to your favourite songs.

  5. No Microphone, No Problem: Razer includes a high quality mic built right into the headset for consistent and clear communication to your teammates and friends online. Being able to communicate effectively with Razer’s built in microphone could be the essential detail to your team winning or losing a round. Having the built in mic also reduces the amount of cable management and helps keep your gaming area a neat and tidy spectacle.

Pick up your favourite Razer gaming headset right here at Evetech, South Africa’s number 1 location for the best gaming headset deals. Unable to get to us? Not a problem, we deliver! Give us a call and speak to one of our exceptional sales representatives or drop us an email and we will swiftly get you your new Razer gaming headset.

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