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ADSL / VDSL Routers

Supercharge your internet connection leverage its full capabilities using our range of Wi-Fi-capable DSL/ADSL routers. Offering Gigabit internet support, these devices are perfect for those who cannot compromise on their internet connection. Moreover, it handles the work of both your modem and your Wi-Fi router – freeing up physical space and reducing everyone’s enemy – ugly wiring.

The dashboard comes bundled with all devices – giving you easy access to both simple and advanced controls that define your online experience. From sharing a printer over your network to sharing media libraries, these devices are ready to tackle any challenge you throw at them.

Choose from a selection of designs and capabilities to pick out the VDSL/ADSL Router that will suit and enhance your cable/3G/4G internet connection for the foreseeable future. Whether you want incredible range, improved stability, or sublime gaming performance, Evetech have you covered on all fronts!

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