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Cougar Gaming Headsets

Completely immerse yourself in the radiant sound waves the Cougar gaming headsets and headphones have to offer you. Sporting virtual 7.1 surround sound bringing you an almost life-like audio feedback during your competitive games and play at a higher level than your opponents. Customization and comfort are strong points with the selection of Cougar gaming headsets and headphones. No exception should be made to enjoy extended hours of gameplay, with the memory foam ear cups you can enjoy your game of choice for as long as you desire. With Cougar’s UIX System turn your headset into a lighting showcase to really stand out in the crowd.

Cougar gaming headsets are built to last, having amazing durability making it match punch for punch with some of the greats in the industry. When concise communication needs to be conveyed with accurate detail, Cougars retractable microphone with noise canceling features will not let you down. Deliver the game winning calls with insane precision.

Get your Cougar gaming headset and headphones at Evetech, the best location for all the best gaming headset deals in South Africa!

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Top 5 Reasons To Get A Cougar Gaming Headset.

If an affordable premium quality headphone is what you’re searching for, Cougar gaming headset is what you’ll find. Cougar has found the perfect balance between affordability and a high quality build. Don’t break the bank if you don’t need to.

Immerse yourself in the incredible array of sounds that Cougar gaming headsets have to offer. Feel like you’re apart of the game world and not just navigating through at a distance.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get a Cougar gaming headset:

  1. Extraordinary Comfort: For Cougar comfort is one of the focal points for their gaming headset range. No compromise should be made when it comes to comfort so that you can enjoy hours of endless gaming without the tedious distraction of an uncomfortable headset. The Cougar gaming headset has a memory foam ear cups that will give you the perfect amount of even pressure over your ears so that you can get back on the grind.

  2. Great Build Quality: Simply put, Cougar gaming headsets are built to last. Matching their durability with some of the other big hitters in the industry ensuring that you can get the most out of your cougar gaming headset for as long as possible

  3. Complete Sound:Feel the immersion take over your entire gameplay with Cougar gamings 7.1 virtual surround sound giving you a life like audio feedback. Take your gaming to the next level with the incredible sounds of the Cougar gaming headset.

  4. Wild Cat Style: The aesthetic features on the Cougar gaming headset ranges offer you a wild yet beautifully refined style that will scream individuality. Combining all the best features into a truly awesome design and solid build quality. Feel like you’re one of the pro’s with the Cougar gaming headset.

  5. Epic Customization: TTurn your RGB headset into a lighting performance showcase with the incredible customizability in the UIX device management system. You will also be able to set up different audio profiles within the system to choose the perfect sound for your favourite game.

Come and get your claws on a Cougar gaming headset right here at Evetech, South Africa’s number one den for all the best gaming deals, guaranteed. Give us a call or drop us an email to order your brand new gaming headset today. If you can’t come and collect, no worries! We deliver right to your doorstep.