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External Hard Drives

a Struggle any computer user faces almost every day is the lack of space on their hard drives, Most computers these days come standard with a 1TB hard drive, which in theory might sound like massive amounts of space, but the reality is, that hard drive can be filled within a couple of months, leaving you to delete old files to make space for new things.

Not everyone wants to lose all their old data though, as there might be important files they would require at a later stage. External Hard Drives is the answer to everyone's call for more storage space without adding any extra hassle!

With an External Hard Drive, all the old files you still want to keep that you might not be using right this instant can be stored away without having to worry about accidentally losing the data. External Hard Drives come in all shapes and sizes making picking one a easy task for just about anyone.

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Uses for External Hard Drives

External hard drives have become a popular means expanding storage of both laptop and desktop computers Storing media externally if you need specific files on a portable media without having to lug around your computer to access the data, conveniently allowing you access to those files wherever it is needed.

There are a plethora of uses for External Hard Drives, Some examples could include, System backups, if you have important work or data that needs to be saved for security purposes. If you are running out of space on your hard drives in your computer, and you want to save that good movie or series you just can't get rid of, you can always just put it on the external hard drive, save it and watch it again at a later stage.

There are other ways of transferring data through the likes of USB sticks or email attachments, but these means are severely limited in terms of space so transferring large quantities of data might be a difficult task to achieve through these means. so External hard drives can serve as convenient ways to transport and organize large or small amounts data.

Different types of External Hard Drives

There are different types of external hard drives available, in variants of 2.5" (Portable - USB Powered meaning you do not have to plug the external into a power source to power it up, as it gets power from USB) and 3.5" Desktop External Hard Drives which offer bigger sizes but will have to be plugged into a wall socket to get power.

Sizes vary from 500GB all the way up to 5TB and in some cases dual storage devices which offer even more space. There are also many brands of External Hard Drives like Seagate, Western Digital, Transcend and many more.