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AMD Ryzen Threadripper Upgrade Kits

AMD RYZEN Threadripper Upgrade Kits

Giving your PC a makeover can be a hard task. Picking out compatible hardware being one of the critical steps involved. If only there were some way to suddenly make your PC one of the most powerful consumer machines in the world. Introducing AMD Ryzen Threadripper Upgrade Kits – featuring carefully selected parts to ensure a smooth transition to premium performance – instantly.

These kits are created around the best consumer CPU in the market, AMD Ryzen Threadripper, with 16 powerful physical cores, and SMT enabled bumping the total number of threads to an unprecedented 32. Paired with an enthusiast grade X399 motherboard from the top manufacturers in the world, this CPU will outperform every other option, without breaking the bank. Carefully selected memory modules ensure that your PC is ready to use with absolutely no shortage of resources.

Hold on; there’s more! Evetech not only saves you the effort of picking out hardware individually, but our bundles are also priced competitively to provide the best value to all our clients. This is the easiest way to give your aging PC a facelift.

Order, sit back, and relax. Our experts handle the rest – delivering your AMD RYZEN Threadripper Upgrade Kit right to your doorstep anywhere South Africa!

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