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ROG Graphics Card

If you are looking for some the greatest GPU’s on the market to not only fit your gaming needs but your budget as well, with unrivalled performance and spectacular design you can have the best that the GPU market has to offer. Introducing the ASUS ROG graphics cards.

You can stay ahead of the competition when you get your hands on a ROG GPU, you can have the confidence of having the ability to outperform the competition. Making your gaming experience uncomprehendingly good. With a budget-conscious mindset, ASUS gives you the opportunity to get the card you have always dreamed of without breaking the bank and without sacrificing on the well renowned ASUS ROG quality, performance, and reliability.

You deserve to play at your best 100% of the time, and with the help of ASUS, you will have the best wingman that a gamer could ever ask for. Feel your gaming experience evolve with ASUS, because you deserve the best.

ROG Laptops

ASUS laptops and notebooks are undoubtedly some of the best portable machines that you can find in the mobile gaming world. ASUS continues to scream their top tier quality in design, premium build quality and style throughout their range of gaming products. From their gaming hardware to gaming peripherals all the way to their outstanding gaming laptops. You know that you are getting unbelievable quality when you have the ROG symbol attached to one of your products.

Their gaming laptop range, although built tough for all your gaming needs, can do so much more than just handle some of the most taxing games. It can work just as well servicing you in everyday usage or when you need your laptop to tackle some of the most demanding task loads for work. The incredible design of the ASUS laptop gives you special kinds of attention. Whether you are going to work and taking notes in meetings or rushing over to your friend’s house for a LAN you will blend in with the crowd, and be the talk of the room at the same time. Sophisticated, elegant and yet extremely stylish. The design on the ASUS gaming laptop range will leave you breathless at its beauty, and stunned by its overwhelming performance.

ASUS is known for its build quality and outstanding features that set it apart from the competition. From great overall design all the way to excellent performance. But they understand the value for money, and they ensure that every person, no matter the budget can welcome themselves into the ASUS ROG family. ASUS has something for everyone, depending on your style, your taste and what you want out of your laptop. An everyday workhorse or a desktop gaming replacement. ASUS has got exactly what you desire.

ROG Motherboards

When it comes to PC gaming hardware, you can count on ASUS being a heavy hitter in this category. ASUS made their mark on the world by becoming the number one manufacturer of the best motherboards in the world. As the years pass, ASUS proves time and time again why they deserve to be called one of the greatest motherboard manufacturers in the world.

For six consecutive years, ASUS was crowned with the best motherboard brand by Tom's Hardware Guide (THG). With thousands of voters casting their ballots, ASUS received over half of the votes to claim this amazing award. The THG readers’ choice awards recognize hardware that exhibit only the highest quality and which companies have provided some of the best customer services. The awards are considered as a hallmark of excellent product design, outstanding performance, and sublime quality and value. All which ASUS manages to do with ease.

ASUS is constantly pushing the limits with their awesome engineering team to constantly create innovation in their products. They pride themselves on innovating technology to revolutionize the gaming industry. The boundaries are merely a guideline for ASUS as they will continue to stretch their knowledge and create computer hardware that will leave you more than satisfied.

ROG networking

It is no secret that wireless technology has absolutely changed peoples lives. ASUS continues to take that life changing innovation and give their consumers an even better experience. ASUS doesn’t just look at improving the quality of life for people, they want to ensure people have the fastest, most reliable, most stable connection possible.

When it comes to the design of the wireless routers, you can choose from subtle, sleek designs all the way through to flag ship routers with multiple antennas giving you more than you could imagine. Never let your wireless connection get interrupted again when you have the ROG Routers handing your every stability need.


Your computers power supply is one of the most critical components in the whole build. The PSU needs to ensure that the right amount of required wattage goes through all the circuitry inside your PC. When it comes to sensitive components like the memory and the CPU, ensuring that you get the exact supply of power is crucial. Don’t take a risk on such an important part of you gaming build and get the perfect power supply with ASUS ROG.

ASUS doesn’t just provide excellent power supplies but they have an excellent way of putting their very own twist onto every product in terms of styling and aesthetic. The ASUS ROG PSU’s are incredibly visually as they are performers. Make sure that you maintain an electrifyingly good gaming PC with the best power supplies South Africa have to offer.

ROG Monitors

A beast of a gaming PC needs a high-quality monitor so you can experience all the glory and splendour in crisp visual quality. Dive into your favourite games and see things that you have never seen before with high quality displays. ASUS monitors, whether it be for gaming or for casual use, your eyes can rest easy when you have some of the best-looking monitors on your desk.

The gaming world has seen outstanding changes in visual quality over the years. 1080p gaming has become the new standard in the gaming world. With the improvement in powerful hardware, technology on the visual aspect has seen a massive improvement. ASUS monitors sport high refresh rates, stunning curved QLED displays and even 4k resolutions. G-Sync offered for the NVIDIA users and FREE-Sync offered for AMD users. Don’t let stuttering and screen tearing ever get the best of you again with ASUS and the best gaming monitors out there. Experience your adventure.

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