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Flexible Compatibility

Ultra-thin & Perfect for ZenBook

ASUS ZenDrive U9M is an ultra-slim external DVD Writer which supports USB Type-C and Type-A interfaces, provides two cables to allow data transmission including PC and Mac. Its sophisticated Zen-inspired design with concentric-circle hairline finish demonstrated the aesthetics of technology.



Stylish and Zen-inspired Design

It is not often that you find ultrabooks or notebooks that have a CDrom anymore. Even though the age of saving to the cloud is the most popular thing, or downloading software straight from the internet is easily accessible. There are sometimes moments where you need a CDrom.



Double Interface Compatibility

Now you can have the best of both worlds. You can have your ultra-thin notebook and the pleasure of having an external DVD/CD writer from ASUS. A thin, elegant device that ensures that you can have a stylish, necessary accessory.


Lifetime Protection

Save Your Precious Memories for 1,000 Years

The double user interface offers a USB-A and USB-C experience giving you the convenience of multiple connectivity options. This is suitable for both PCs and Mac's.



The Most Robust Backup Solution

Get your hands on the ASUS ZenDrive for your portable convenience for on the go storage and backups.