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best Hard Drive HDD deals south africa

Best Hard Drive (HDD) Deals

Hard Drives, both internal and external, still remain top choice among desktop PC and laptops users who want to store large amount of data including movies, tv shows, games, songs etc. Especially if you are a video editor and have to deal with raw video files spanning in GBs, you definitely need a hard drive that is bigger and reliable.

Whether you are a gamer or a person who loves to store media on your PC, we got your back. In this section, we have list down the best hard drive deals, both internal and external, that you can choose from and at competitive pricing.

With the introduction of Ultra HD and 4K content, people now need hard drives that can store multiple terabytes of data at high speed. A normal Blu-Ray movie size is somewhere between 40-50GB.

In terms of gaming, game developers are now releasing games that have a setup of about 30-40GBs and it requires an additional 20-40GB of space to install the game. If you are a gamer, having a bigger capacity hard disk drive which also has good speed and has bigger cache can really boost the performance of your PC.