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best Networking deals south africa

Best Networking Wired and Wireless Devices

Having a good networking devices is as necessary as having a good internet connection. If you have a high speed internet connection but your router is not good, you won’t be able to enjoy the high speed uploads and downloads. A good router, reduces the latency and speed-loss to minimum. If you have a big house and want to have wireless coverage everywhere, you should have a powerful wireless router that has enough range to cover your entire house.

If you play online games on your PC or consoles like Xbox or PlayStation, you should opt for an AC router that offers best wireless connectivity. If you intend to play LAN games with other people, then you should opt for the best quality CAT network cable that offers minimal ping so that everyone can enjoy lagless experience.

If you have more people in your home that use internet on their smartphones, laptops or even on TV, then you should consider using a network switch that offers features such as limiting speed of a specific device connected or assigning specific IPs to each device. Whether you are looking for a wired or wireless networking solution, we have the best deals for you.