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Evetech strives to bring you the best hardware and gaming components that is available on the market right now. When you are looking to take all that brilliant hardware and use it in a custom PC build, you need a solid, sexy, rugged case to house all your brand new premium hardware. Introducing the Evetech Hero case.

The hero case is an excellent crafted gaming PC chassis to house all your premium gaming hardware. Let the Hero case be the center of your PC build and showcase the beauty of your vibrant gaming components through the gorgeous clear side panel. The Hero case is where elegant styling meets remarkable build quality. WIth all the Custom PC Builds here at Evetech, we want you to have the final say. Edit the custom PCs to your exact requirement. Add or change components at your will to have a personalised gaming PC that will meet your every need in and out of game. There is no limit when it comes to the Hero case. Build your own Hero and start your adventure.

The outstanding new Hero case comes with six incredibly vibrant RGB fans, the lighting is controlled by a single remote that is included in the package. The lights are able to sync to your favourite brand, whether it be the ASUS AURA SYNC or the Mystic Light Sync by MSI. You can change your entire gaming setup at the touch of a button, literally!