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These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding everything from order status, updates, payments and support queries. Please see the following.

Where is my order?

Due to the extremely high influx of orders, they are taking longer to process, readied and dispatched. Please see below for the revised lead times.

How long will delivery take?

These are the lead times for delivery (Before dispatch):
Component Lead time: 4-6 Business Days. (Peripherals, Monitors, Individual components e.g. HDD, Motherboard, GPU etc and chairs)
Laptop Lead Time: 6-7 Business days. (Depending on the configuration purchased upgrades might be required on the SSD and RAM)
Desktop Computers Lead Time: 9-10 Business days. (As we offer a large amount of customization all desktops are built from scratch)
Delivery: 2-4 Business days (Regional and or Remote can be up-to 3-6 Business days)

Why haven't I received a reply to my email?

Due to the extremely high volume of tickets, our sales representatives, as well as our support staff, are replying to emails and tickets as fast as they can. They respond to tickets by date and time received. However different queries require a different amount of time to reply to which ultimately can cause more of a delay. Please note: sending the same email multiple times will remove the “high priority” status on the email due to recent activity on the specific mail. This makes it as a recent mail and not as pending or overdue. This will result in a longer delay in response time to your mail.

How do you check if a laptop has upgrades?

At the bottom of the product description, you will see the model number in brackets, if this is accompanied by the SSD and/or RAM size like this [MODEL/RAM/SSD] then it has upgrades pending.

Why does my payment say declined?

We are aware that payments made via Instant EFT are coming up with a declined notification. This problem is currently being fixed with the payment gateway. However, your payments are going through and as soon as the payment has been processed on our end you will receive the appropriate notification stating that payment has been made. We are sorry for the panic, we are rectifying this issue.

Can I order online and collect my order?

Unfortunately, no. Online orders are handled separately from orders that have been quoted to you by our salesmen. If you request a quote through one of our sales reps, you can ask them to prepare your order for collection. However, if you are placing an order online through our website, the collection will not be allowed.