Please Note: As of Wednesday June 17th we will no longer be accepting any walk-in customers. This is for the safety of our staff and our customers. Thank you! - Click here for more details  / Please stay safe - Click here for more information on COVID-19

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These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding everything from order status, updates, payments and support queries. Please see the following.

Why are you no longer taking in walk-in customers? Did something happen?

No, nothing has happened and we assure you that everyone here is safe and healthy. However, we have decided to take this action to ensure that it stays that way. We do not want to put ourselves, as well as our customers in harm's way. Now that winter is in full swing, we are worried that the infection might spread slightly quicker. There are sometimes children brought into the store too, and we would hate for something to happen to our customers and their families.

What does this mean?

As it stands right now, all walk-ins will be put to a complete halt. However, this does not mean that Evetech is closing down. This just means that we will still be fully operational, minus the walk-in element. You will still be able to place orders and speak to our sales consultants via phone or email and our support staff via email only.

Can I still collect?

In terms of sales collection, all online orders will remain the same. If you have placed your order online, you will not be eligible for collection. If you place the order through one of our sales representatives via email, you can organise to collect your item through them.

Rules for collections:

You will only be able to collect your items once you have received your "ready for collection email". If you have NOT received this email, we are unable to release your product. Please ensure that you provide us with evidence of the email when you arrive at the store. Online orders eg. Orders placed through our website, will NOT be eligible for collection.

Sales queries?

If you have any queries regarding sales, you can contact our sales department via email at: [email protected] or via phone at 010 786 0044 and they will assist you as soon as they possibly can!

Support queries?

If you need to contact our support team for a support qurie or for any returns, please contact them via email at [email protected] and they will assist you as best they can!

Current lead times?

Our current lead times are as follows, however this is subject to change as the backlog decreases (Before dispatch):

Component Lead time:
4-5 Business Days.
(Peripherals, Monitors, Individual components e.g. HDD, Motherboard, GPU etc and chairs)

Laptop Lead Time:
4-5 Business days.
(Depending on the configuration purchased upgrades might be required on the SSD and RAM)

Desktop Computers Lead Time:
9-10 Business days.
(As we offer a large amount of customization all desktops are built from scratch)

2-4 Business days
(Regional and or Remote can be up-to 3-6 Business days)

How do I check if my laptop has upgrades?

At the bottom of the product description, you will see the model number in brackets, if this is accompanied by the SSD and/or RAM size like this [MODEL/RAM/SSD] then it has upgrades pending.

Process for RMA units:

A completed RMA form would need to be handed in with the faulty unit (RMA form to be sent via email to client)

The unit and RMA form will be handed in at Evetech. A job card will be created using the RMA form, and a job card will be mailed to the email address listed on the RMA form

Once unit is ready for collection, the client will be mailed on the email address supplied, and can be collected, or shipped out (costs may apply)

Can I expedite my order?

Unfortunately, due to the current backlog, we cannot expedite any new orders at this time. We wil be working as hard as we can to ensure that we get every order out as quickly as possible.

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, and we hope that we can make this a smooth transition and ensure the health and safety for all our employees as well as every single one of our customers!

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.