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Evetech NEO Backpack

Our NEO backpack features ample amounts of padding for a soft touch and the backpack is constructed for protection against all wear and tear.

At Evetech we ensure that your work and play experience never stops, no matter where you are.

Safely transport all your peripherals; headset, mouse, keyboard, and any cords that you will need while you are on the move. Most importantly you can carry your desktop replacement right on your back. We, here at Evetech, want to ensure that you are ready to game wherever and whenever you want to. With a durable and stylish backpack to protect your valuables at all times.

With enough storage space to carry any vital equipment or valuables, there is no need to stress for space. With the inner lining of the backpack being soft enough to not damage, scratch or scuff your equipment but tough enough to handle equipment going in and out regularly.

Evetech Engraved Easy-To-Use Zippers

We want to ensure that all your valuables are safe and secure no matter where you travel. The engraved zips show that we are dedicated to the finest details of our products. The easy-to-use zippers are smooth and never get stuck.

Exterior Zipped Front Pocket For Additional Accessories

A sleek, slimline front pocket that blends nicely with the aesthetic of the bag offers additional storage space for any valuables or peripherals that you might be taking on the go with you. Large enough to fit a tablet comfortably, you never need to worry about space with the Evetech NEO.

Strong Carry Handles for Easy Grip

The carry handle on the top of the NEO backpack is strong and will not buckle once you have all your peripherals tucked away in the safety of the NEO backpack. The main carry straps on the NEO backpack are strong, soft, and reliable. When you need to carry all your equipment for a long period of time you won't feel the fatigue on your back or shoulders.

Flexible Padding for Protection Against Scrapes and Scratches

The flexible padding is extremely durable on both the inside and outside of the NEO backpack. The NEO will handle everyday bumps and scrapes without showing any signs of wear and tear. Although the material is durable against the elements, it still remains soft to the touch and pleasing aesthetically. There is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for durability when you can have the best of both worlds with your Evetech NEO backpack.

Multiple Compartments, Easy Storage

The Evetech NEO comes with multiple storage options to ensure you can get the most out of the backpack. The NEO is designed to hold your laptop as well as all your peripherals comfortably, this makes gaming on the go an absolute breeze.

Fits up to a 17.3” Laptop

Whether you have a notebook, a workstation or a gaming laptop. The NEO can store up to a 17” laptop comfortably while still having enough room to house your peripherals and valuables while you are on the move.

Attention to detail

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we maintain high-quality products with extreme attention to detail. No fraying in the stitching with smooth zippers is important to us. Being precise and meticulous is what makes the NEO the perfect backpack for you.

Large Side Pockets

When you need to carry your water bottle, or you just need some extra space to carry more valuables. The large side pockets offer even more storage so you can carry more with you when you are on the go.

Go Wherever, Whenever, With all your peripherals

With enough storage space inside the NEO to ensure you can carry everything that you will need to game on the go. You will never need to compromise again, more space for more peripherals so you can game comfortably.

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