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Intel 11th Gen Core i5 Workstation PCs

Intel Core i5 Workstation PCs

What happens when 6 high-performance Intel CPU cores run together in perfect harmony? Come find out with Evetech’s range of Intel Core i5 Workstation machines!

Boasting 6 physical cores, these Intel Core i5 CPUs are a significant improvement over the last generation of Core i5 processors. In fact, these Intel Core i5 processors pack such a punch that they are set to outperform even the last generation of Core i7 CPUs.

Juggling multiple tasks, switching between intensive programs, and completing several heavy workloads at the same time – these Core i5 Workstations are equipped with enough power to do it all!

Enjoy a premium computing experience at unbelievable prices with the range of 9th Generation Intel Core i5 Workstation PCs. Order one today, and transform your workflow into an epitome of efficiency!

Best Core i5 Workstation PC Deals In South Africa

These workstation PCs pack a whole lot of quality hardware to create a PC worthy of tackling almost anything you throw at it! Boasting a sleek design that adds a certain panache to your workspace, these Workstation PCs deliver unmatched performance. Not just for computing tasks!

Competitors will be left biting the dust as the true power of an Intel processor is unleashed upon task after task. Video editing, rendering, streaming, and even graphic designing are now possible on a budget.

The powerful GPUs facilitate graphics intensive tasks as well. Render complex 3D models with millions of polygons in an instant as you experience fluid 3D rendering.