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Intel Core i7

Intel Core i7 Processors

We welcome a wide range of Evetech products built around Intel’s latest and most anticipated processor release – the Intel Core i7 CPU. From custom builds and standalone processors, to carefully crafted upgrade kits, Evetech ensures that your switch to the newest technology remains a seamless experience.

Our Core i7 Gaming PCs are created with the sole aim of helping you decimate your opponents. Whether you want to play at the highest of resolutions and turn up the graphic details to enhance your immersion or play on high refresh rate monitors and want to push your CPU to the limit so it can provide a high fps gaming platform – the Core i7 Gaming PC range has you covered.

Our upgrade kits make sure that you’re not scrambling for or searching for the right combination of hardware for hours on end. They are carefully selected to make you upgrade to the Intel Core i7 one of the greatest things you have ever done. Enjoy a seamless transition to a powerful computing experience – in the blink of an eye.

Explore our range of products built around the powerful next-generation Intel Core i7 processors.

Intel 11th Gen Core i7 Processors (2)

Intel 11th Gen Core i7