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Intel Core i9

Best Intel Gen Core i9

Core i7 not cutting it anymore? Need substantially more computing power? Intel’s brand-new Core i9 lineup is here to save the day! Bundling incredible performance and exceptional quality that Intel has delivered over the years, every processor in the Core i9 series features an astounding number of cores and threads, with the high clock speeds that make Intel processors superior.

Starting with a whopping 8-core 16-thread processor, the Core i9 lineup features a fantastic 18-core 36-thread monster at the other end.

Refresh your ageing PC quickly, with Evetech’s wide selection of Core i9 upgrade kits. Grab one and instantly own one of the most powerful PCs in the world! Choose from the powerhouse or go for a relatively budget option – allowing you the flexibility of a future upgrade – with little, to no effort.

Need a complete revamp? We have you covered! Our range of Core i9 gaming and workstation PCs offer exactly what you require. Sleek designs and attractive exteriors, monster Core i9 CPUs and hardware on the inside!

The Intel Core i9 offers everything from a moderately powerful CPU to a computing beast. Pick one and experience enthusiast computing at your fingertips. Megatask likes a professional today!



Top 5 Reasons to Buy Intel Core i9 Processor

If you are looking to get some of the best performing CPUs. when your budget can cater for the best of the best, then the new Intel i9 CPU is the right choice.

Completely future proof with these outstanding gaming components, grab an i9 CPU and instantly have the best gaming machine on the market. Never worry about system requirements again when you have the new Core i9 by Intel.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider getting the new Intel Gen Core i9 CPU:

  1. Fully future proof : The new Core i9 CPUs are the best out on the market right now. This will ensure that your PC won’t need another upgrade for many years to come. Prepare for the future of gaming and spend a little more now to save you money in the future.

  2. A performance like no other : Getting your hands on the new Core i9 CPU will make every new gaming title shake in your presence. Take any title head on and watch as your performance is unleashed. Take your gaming experience to another dimension with the brand new Intel Gen Core i9 CPU.

  3. Work, play, stream, repeat With this incredible breakthrough in technology you can do whatever you need to with this CPU, all your working and day to day computing needs from editing, rendering pictures and videos to streaming. This PC can handle it all. Wicked fast multitasking will leave you breathless and the performance in-game will make you feel like a kid opening gifts on Christmas morning.

  4. Gaming like nothing before : With all the premium hardware ready unleash all its potential at the click of a button you can take your gaming to the next level. No laggier in-game experience, be less distracted by frame drops and inconsistency and focus on what is more important. The game you're playing. Although it may be true that the components don't make you a good gamer, it does certainly help, you don't see professional race car drivers behind the wheel of a Prius. Make sure you have every advantage over your opponents.

  5. Longer lasting hardware : With some of the best hardware packed into the gaming rig you can rest assured that the premium components won't let you down. The durable hardware allows you to game longer without compromising on the health of your hardware.

Intel 11th Gen Core i9 Processors (2)

Intel Core i9