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Intel Core i5 GAMING PCs

Intel 12th Gen Core i5 Gaming PCs

Gaming is meant to be experienced in a smooth environment, with the very best quality settings. However, budgets, and consequently hardware, limits our experience substantially. well, no more!

Evetech announces the range of Gaming PCs built around Intel’s impressive Core i5 processors. Boasting a performance that blows the previous generation Core i5 CPUs out of the water, these Gaming PCs are capable of giving last-generation Core i7 processors a run for their money.

Intel’s prowess in delivering the very best gaming performance in the market is a widely known fact. This hasn’t changed a bit with the current Generation lineup of Intel Core i5 processors. Perfectly capable of pushing the highest of framerates to feed your high-refresh rate monitors, and also adept at handling graphically intensive games at the highest resolutions – the new Intel Core i5 is a monster.

A combination of a powerful graphics card and the Core i5 CPU is a match made in heaven. Enjoy the latest games in eye-catching detail as you experience new worlds and adventures!

Best Core i5 Gaming PC Deals In South Africa

The Core i5 grants a multitasking luxury that just wasn’t possible until the current generation arrived. Go ahead, juggle programs and games to save time and increase efficiency. Your CPU will gladly take on the task!

Our experts build every PC with utmost care to ensure that your build is solid, reliable, efficient, and powerful. The gorgeous curves on the cabinets with custom RGB lighting is sure to attract a lot of attention. After all, your rig is a reflection of your personality!

Order an Evetech Intel Core i5 Gaming PC and enter the world of premium gaming, at a budget price. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep in South Africa – giving you complete peace of mind!

Intel Core i5 GAMING PCs