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Intel Core i5

Intel 12th Gen Core i5 Processors

They are finally here, the Intel Core i5 Processors! These CPUs are unlike any other Core i5 previously released. Our wide range of products includes Intel Core i5 Gaming PCs, Workstations, Upgrade Kits, and even standalone processors.

Intel’s reliability and performance in the CPU market aren’t exactly a secret. A significant multi-core performance boost compared to the last generation of core i5 processors ensures that any PC built around this processor will leave the competition biting the dust. Whether you’re a gamer or a content creator limited by budget, the 11th Generation Intel Core i5 offers a rare amalgam of reliability, affordability, and premium performance.

These Core i5 processors run at a performance comparable to last generation’s Core i7! Top-tier performance at a budget price has arrived on the scene.

Top-tier performance at a budget price has arrived

Experience the true power of Intel Core i5 processor. Transform your reality. For good. Choose your path, and enter the world of premium computing. Today!

Intel 12th Gen Core i5 Processors (1)

Best Intel Core i5 Deals In South Africa

Boasting the best hardware in the market, our lineup of gorgeous gaming rigs is sure to catch your eye. These PCs offer the easiest path to upgrading to the latest generation Intel processor experience. Looking for a work PC? No problem. Evetech’s Intel Core i5 Workstations will give you the performance boost you need, without breaking your bank.

On the other hand, our upgrade kits allow you to refresh your PC with absolutely no trouble. Evetech Core i5 Upgrade Kits are created with compatible and quality hardware components – so, all you have to do is plug em in.

Intel Core i5