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Intel Core i7 GAMING PCs

Intel 12th Gen Core i7 Gaming PCs

Intel has always dominated the gaming landscape. However, this did come at the cost of compromising multi-core performance. Introducing a new range of Evetech Gaming PCs powered by the latest Intel Core i7 processors!

These PCs certainly pack a punch! Equipped with fast memory, a great gaming GPU, and a quality motherboard, Evetech’s Intel Core i7 Gaming PCs are no-compromise machines without limits.

The CPU allows for juggling of multiple background apps while you’re in an intensive game. This PC also makes software-encoded streaming possible! A smooth gaming and viewing experience await you and your viewers!

Gift yourself a Gaming PC powered by Intel Core i7 processors and experience gaming, and so much more, like never before! If you’re looking for the very best. Nothing but the best. Your search has ended! Buy Core i7 Gaming PC right now and relax as our experts provide a seamless delivery experience – ensuring that your PC arrives at your doorstep safely.

Best Intel Core i7 Gaming PC Deals In South Africa

Packed into a sleek cabinet that shows off gorgeous curves, which will most certainly attract stares – these Core i7 Gaming PCs are the pinnacle of design and careful assembly. Our experts handle every hardware part carefully, ensure that build quality is never compromised!

Looks are all well and good. What about performance?

Enjoy the latest games in eye-catching detail at the highest of resolutions. More of an online competitive gamer? No worries. Core i7 Gaming PC can deliver the highest of framerates to make full use of high refresh rate monitors!

Although it is aimed at playing games at the best quality without dropping framerates, Core i7 Gaming PC can handle almost any task you can throw at it! Video Editing. Photo Editing. 3D Rendering. Graphic Designing. Audio Editing. And so much more! We haven’t even scratched the surface with regards to the performance packed inside this gorgeous machine.

Intel Core i7 GAMING PCs