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Intel Core i9 GAMING PCs

Intel 12th Gen Core i9 Gaming PCs

There is a whole new kind of beast in the gaming scene, the pristine Core i9 by Intel. This incredible processor matched up with some of the toughest and premium gaming hardware on the market and you have the best gaming PC that your money can buy!

You never need to worry about struggling with your gaming PC again, never check the minimum requirements on a newly released gaming title and never worry about having to tinker with the in-game settings again. Just launch your favourite game and get completely immersed in the experience.

If you are looking for a more balanced lifestyle between gaming hard and working hard then you can now take the time to enjoy the multitasking capabilities of the brilliant i9 CPUs by Intel. So stop hesitating and get your hands on Intel's most powerful gaming CPU on the market that can handle heavy workloads and give you the greatest in-game experience that you have ever had. Say goodbye to low frame rates and choppy gameplay and say hello to the awesome future of gaming. Intel Core i9. You deserve the best.

Intel Core i9 GAMING PCs