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Intel Core i9 Upgrade Kits

Intel 12th Gen Core i9 Upgrade Kits

If you already own a decent PC, building or buying a brand new one doesn’t make much sense. However, hardware does age, and you might require substantially more power than its current capability. Introducing Evetech’s Intel Core i9 upgrade kits!!

Our latest Intel Core i9 upgrade kits allow you to refresh your pre-existing PCs instantly! Watch as your PC suddenly tackles even the most intensive of tasks in a jiffy. Take care of several normal functions at once. Edit videos, stream games while encoding on the fly, render complex 3D models and create advanced 3D visuals – all without breaking a sweat!

Paired with a powerful motherboard from popular brands known for quality and aesthetics, the processor will nestle into its new home comfortably. Pop in the RAM you need. Voila. You have a refreshed PC capable of the most intensive workstation and gaming tasks. Push high frame rates in the latest games, while streaming your gameplay to Twitch at the highest quality possible!

Snag one of our carefully selected Core i9 upgrade kits and gift your PC the most compelling enthusiast offerings from Intel. Don’t compromise. Spend less time waiting, more time doing – only with Intel Core i9!

Intel Core i9 Upgrade Kits