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Intel 8th Gen Core i7 Upgrade Kits

Intel 8th Gen Core i7 Upgrade Kits

Existing PC starting to feel its age? CPU bottlenecking your powerful GPU? Worried about the complexity involved in successfully upgrading your PC? Presenting most seamless upgrade experience South Africa – Evetech is proud to announce a wide range of Latest Intel 8th Gen Core i7 Upgrade Kits!

Overtaking last generations performance by a whopping 50% margin, these brand-new Intel Core i7 CPUs are true 6-core processors – offering premium performance at this price for the very first time.

These upgrade kits come with all the parts needed to make your PC purr. Watch it breeze through intensive tasks like video editing, and even rendering millions of polygons for game designers!

Don’t go for the second-best, when you can get the very best. Grab an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 Upgrade Kit today and experience all-round premium computing experience! Place an order now and sit back as Evetech delivers the product right to your doorstep.

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Intel Core i7 Upgrade Kit Deals In South Africa

Paired with a powerful Z370 motherboard from MSI known for quality and aesthetics, the processor comes with all the parts you need to make a quick switch. Pop in the RAM. And Voila! You have a PC that is once again capable of the most intensive workstation and gaming tasks. Push high frame rates in the latest games, while streaming your gameplay to Twitch at the highest quality possible!

Snag one of our carefully selected 8th Gen Intel Core i7 upgrade kits and gift your PC the most compelling consumer offerings from Intel. The days of compromising single threaded performance to gain multicore performance are over! Intel’s 8th Generation Core i7 is designed to handle it all! Absolutely no compromise on gaming performance, while granting a substantial improvement to productivity tasks.