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Intel 9th Gen Core i3 Processors

Intel 9th Gen Core i3 Processors

Evetech is pleased to announce the availability of the latest, most powerful Intel Core i3 processors from Intel 9th Gen Processor lineup.

The 9th Gen i3 has more performance compared to the last generation Core i3; the 9th Gen Core i3 processors can keep up and even beat out the previous generation Core i5 CPUs. At the Core i3 entry-level price point, this is nothing short of a revolution!

Equipped with the latest technologies that Intel has to offer, these CPUs are ready to tackle all the latest programs and games without a hitch. Support for Intel Optane memory, DDR4 2400+, and HEVC decoding, combined with the most advanced Intel chipset ever created, the Z370, you are guaranteed the complete package. Trust this CPU do it all, at a budget price.

Although priced at the entry-level budget region, their performance remains premium, along with Intel’s signature reliability, enhanced multi-core performance, and excellent single-core performance. If you want the latest and greatest from Intel at extremely affordable prices, your search ends here. Shop with Evetech to grab the best deals on the 9th Gen Intel Core i3 CPUs right now!

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Best Core i3 Processor Deals In South Africa

The Core i3 8100 CPU is made for those who just want stuff to work. Out of the box! This CPUs locked cores mean you don’t need to tinker with any complicated settings. Just slot it into your motherboard and get going instantly!

On the other hand, the Core i3 8350K is perfect for those who love to tweak and fine-tune CPUs to make sure they get the maximum out it! Offering a significant performance uplift when paired with a great cooling solution, this CPU is by no means a slouch. Tinker with it until you’re satisfied and jump into the latest games or just handle your day-to-day tasks without experiencing performance issues like stuttering, intermittent freezes, and delays.