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Intel 9th Gen Core i5 Upgrade Kits

Intel 9th Gen Core i5 Upgrade Kits

PC starting to feel old? Desperately need an upgrade? You couldn’t have picked a better time! Evetech presents a broad range of 9th Generation Intel Core i5 Upgrade Kits! These CPUs feature 6 physical cores – offering a flexibility that was reserved only for premium products. This is the chance to experience premium computing on a strict budget.

There’s really no easier way of upgrading your PC than an Evetech Upgrade Kit!

A whopping 50% additional performance compared to previous generation’s Intel Core i5 processors, blazing fast clock speeds, incredible multithreaded performance, equally impressive single-core performance – Intel once again proves that a PC really can have it all!

Order the upgrade kit of your choice to begin the journey towards premium computing today. You not only get the best Intel deals in South Africa when you buy from Evetech, you also get peace of mind as your order is safely delivered to your doorstep!

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