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Intel Core i9 GAMING PCs

Intel Core i9 GAMING PCs

Sometimes a processor needs to handle more than just a single game. Sometimes, you just need that extra boost of computing power. Sometimes, you wish you could do more at the same time.

Introducing the newest range of Evetech Gaming PCs equipped with Intel’s most powerful CPUs ever – the Intel Core i9 processors. Now, don’t just immerse yourself in the latest games at up to 4K resolution, but also multitask like a boss!

Want to encode on the fly without dropping a single frame in games? The Evetech Core i9-powered Gaming PCs can manage it. This PC can encode high quality 1080p 60fps video to your Twitch stream without breaking a sweat! Want to run massive render workload but don’t like sitting idle while it completes? No worries, the Core i9 can handle multiple heavy tasks without even a marginal drop in quality.

Grab the Core i9 Gaming PC of your dreams today and experience a premium gaming experience like never before. Ensure that you have computing power readily available for the latest games without compromising the performance of other important tasks you may need to complete!