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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Best Deals

NVIDIA GTX 1660 and 1660 SUPER

There is no better time for the mid-range gaming market than right now. NVIDIA has released the new GTX 1660 SUPER GPU, for high refresh rate gaming you can experience what true gaming feels like with this brand new GPU. Don’t let the fear of high in-game settings get you down with the new GTX 1660 and 1660 SUPER by NVIDIA. You can immerse yourself into the depths of high refresh rate gaming right now.

If you want to tackle all the brand new titles like Anthem the awesome new Battle Royale game, Apex Legends, you can breeze through every fight and come out victorious with crisp visuals and astonishing frame rates. This is the best time to be on a budget in the gaming world. If you want to take your dominance to the next level and crush heavy workloads and multitasking. The 1660 has your back! From programming and rendering to all the editing your heart desires, is just a simple walk in the park for the GTX 1660 GPUs.

Evetech offers you all the best hard-hitting GTX 1660 and 1660 SUPER GPUs to upgrade your older generation hardware to get a fresh new look in-game and in your gaming PC. unleash your inner gaming beast with the 1660 and feel what true gaming performance really means! Evetech, your dreams start with us.



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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Best Deals (0)

Recently we saw the release of the Mid-Range monster the GTX 1660 , and now we have another competitor in the Mid-Range gaming market the 1660 Ti’s little brother, the marvelous GTX 1660 GPU.

The world saw the release of the RTX titans that took over the high end market by force, finally now the mid range gaming market has a viable option for upgrade. The affordable and performance driven GPU will make the older generations of GPU look like a granny driving in the slow lane! Feel your games burst through your monitor and spill into your world, grab your adventure and experience what gaming is really about!

Here are the top 5 reasons you want to get yourself a GTX 1660 GPU:

  1. Impeccable Performance: The one unconditional fact about the GTX 1660 is the remarkable performance that it is capable of. With the Turing Architecture built into the card you can dive into your favourite games an re-experience the adventure with double the visual clarity and performance. Tackle newly released games and feel the performance grip you with the Turing Technology taking full advantage of all the Triple A titles!

  2. Budget Friendly Performance: With performance that is formidable enough to knock the older generation GPUs out of contest and give you a significant increase in productivity and in game performance there is no reason to chuck out the old and get your hands on some of the best mid range graphics card to date.

  3. True Gaming Performance: This mid range killer will make sure that you get fully immersed in every game you play, with excellent performance and unbelievable visuals you can get lost in your very own adventure whenever you want. But, work can always kill the fun. Not with the GTX 1660 , the fun never stops with this GPU. No matter what work you have to do the 1660 Ti will make those tasks seem like a walk in the park, so you can focus more on what's truly important. Your next adventure!

  4. Vision Redesigned: By getting the GTX 1660 over something like the RTX series of GPUs you are giving up the Ray tracing technology for more focus on the Graphical components of the card. Being able to let you play games without ever looking at the requirements page for the game or constantly adjusting in game settings in order to get the best performance out of your card! The vision for the card has been redesigned in order to give you more of what you need.

  5. Turing Architecture: Not everything is lost from the RTX titans though, the GTX 1660 uses Turing Technology in order to get the most out of new gaming titles as well as all the up and coming titles that are yet to be released. The Turing Technology allows the Graphics card to utilize the newer game technology to optimise the card efficiently and get the most performance out of the card as possible!

Get your hands on the newest mid range GPU KING and feel your gaming world transform into another reality. Finally you can feel the realism of gaming without having to break your bank account!

Check out all the greatest deals right here at Evetech and pick out your favorite GTX 1660 GPU and get your new adventure started!